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As I finish up my Junior year, I am having a bittersweet time with the future. I have been a student in the NMFSD since kindergarten, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Nine Mile is a fairly small district, so pretty much everyone knows everyone. That might not sound super amazing to some, but for me it is all I know. Most the people I see in the halls of Lakeside High are the people I have known my entire life. Nine Mile Falls school district is an amazing district and I am blessed to have one more year here. It will no doubt fly by. It feels like just yesterday I was standing at the bus stop for my first day of kindergarten. Now I am on the final weeks of my Junior year. In just a short year, I will be walking across a stage to get my diploma with a uncertainty of the future. It has gone by in the blink of an eye, but you know what they say. Time flies when you're having fun :)
Small schools, the people are friendly, and many students are smart and athletic. I like the atmosphere here.
In the Nine Mile Falls School District, they teachers could be more understanding of the student’s situations. Teachers pile on the homework like we don’t have a life outside of school. Of course a teacher is going to give homework just like they should, but they should take into consideration that we have other classes and a life outside of school too.
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Nine Mile Falls School District is very welcoming, there is not much bullying and everyone is very respectful. Lakeside High School has some of the best sports teams in the area. Our district is one of the best in the state. Nine Mile Falls teachers are respectful, understanding, and helpful. Nine Mile Falls is a small town with small schools the small town feel is very helpful for the progress of the school. Some things I would like to change are: bigger buildings, at the High School we have two portables out back with two classrooms in each and we still have teachers without their own classrooms.
Small community has its ups and downs. Not a lot of school spirit. Stuck in old ways. New ideas never seem to work out.
Not the worse. I wish that we had more clubs and extracurriculars. The teachers are generally pretty nice as well.
I would like to see the school lunches change, and the school to be repaired; such as, the air conditioning and the roof!
A great school in a wonderful small community. I've had nothing but positive experiences, and have enjoyed my 13 years in the district.
My experience here was very good. It's a very small school so everyone was close and it was a very supportive community and school. The teachers really cared, and the students were all respectful. The school had great club opportunities and great sports teams. The community rallied around the school. The one thing I would change is the schools structure. It's very old an out dated and we need a new safer school. So I would change that by passing the bond
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