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Niles Township Community High School District No. 219 Reviews

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Niles West is a very unique public high school because of all the resources that are given to all students not matter on their background.
The school has excellent teachers that are willing to spend the extra time to work with students! It also is one of the most diverse schools in the area.
The school provides the student a very good preparation for college. It offers a wide choice of AP classes, clubs and extracurricular activities. The teachers usually help you as much as they can, many teachers are available to meet with you outside of the class period to help you if you have problems understanding a particular topic or you are struggling with your grade. Many extracurricular activities like clubs, sports, job opportunities, are available for the students and are strongly encouraged by the teachers. My experience with the District 219, was great and it’s a school that fully prepares you for college and for the experiences you will have to face in your career.
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I liked how diverse it was and how inclusive it was. I would like to see the security changed to be safer for all students
Overall I really enjoyed my experience at Niles West. They offer so many different things and cater to almost any interest. I was given the opportunity to explore my interests in so many different AP classes and clubs. I took 11 different AP courses and have joined about 7 different clubs. There are I also felt very comfortable attending because the diversity at Niles West is absolutely amazing. I would have to say that our school spirit is not the best. Many students ditch pep assemblies, and some students don't stay really active in clubs.
Good experience overall. Good teachers over the four years, some better than others. Most are interested in helping students succeed. Sporting activities are good for student morale and create a decent school climate.
The school is an excellent place to be. With the diverse community around you, there is always someone you will meet in another country. As for the teachers, they're so nice and understanding majority of the time. I enjoyed my time at this school. There are many resources available to you for academic and personal help. The school just has a welcoming feel and there are so much to do. With the athletics that are offered they're many clubs you can join as well.
Niles West High School is an amazing public school with great teachers who makes genuine efforts to help the students learn . The facilities are excellent, the staff members are well -qualified and empathetic towards students , the school district fosters great diversity allowing for an open and accepting community towards students of any religion , sexual orientation and race.The school offers many extra curricular activities and athletic opportunities including wrestling gym, field house , stadium ,rock climbing wall, pool , football field ,cardio lab and lots of outdoor space , Honors and AP classes are available to all motivated students in almost any subjects .Counselors encourage students to achieve all that are able and academic prowess is revered by both students and teachers. I feel privileged to have attended Niles West and will carry the Niles West spirit throughout all my future endeavors.
Niles West was the most diverse high school I’ve been to. You can find every race and every language. All the students and teacher are nice and it feels like a family environment.
I loved my school because of the amount of diversity that was in it. My school not only gave me an education on acedemics but life too. I’m so grateful that as I grew up, I learned that a diverse environment has so many more wonderful aspects to offer than one where everyone is the same.
It was very diverse and a great school to get ready for college and being able to find myself. I enjoyed playing sports because everyone was cooperative. I enjoyed making friends here because the way the school was structured everyone was so nice and friendly.
Very nice experience, with for the most part good teachers, friendly environment, and clean rooms. The education is top-notch and there are over 100 academic clubs to join from. The student body is diverse and there are many types of students programs ranging from Honors to Ap classes.
I love how welcoming and kind the teachers and students are. There are numerous ways to boost your grades and get extra help, such as through the Point. Most teachers allow students to come in during free periods and get one-on-one help, which is very helpful for students who struggle in class.
I enjoy for the fact that our school is very diverse, and different. We have amazing teachers and staff at West, who try their best to see forth your full potential in classes, not to mention in sports. Very safe and caring environment filled with friends :)
My experience at Niles West has been a variety of only good things! It is a safe environment where I met great people and accomplished many things. All the teachers at West are very caring and respectful adults. All the faculty members greet their students in the hall before and after school. Also the students at West are very considerate people. Speaking for myself, I never saw a form of bullying in the hallways which is wonderful for being such a diverse high school. Since we are very diverse, everyone fits in perfectly. Everyone is so helpful at Niles West, and we have several tools that could assist students academically. Being a senior at West, I couldn’t say anything bad about the school!
About Niles Township Community High School, the faculty is helpful in every sense. They willingly will help you if they see you struggling or if you don't understand something. Along with the faculty, the school environment feels very open. Everyone is friendly and openly to new or transfer students. No one is left out. The only thing I'd like to see change is the security. I feel like students are given too much freedom in the school that they tend to do things that can harm other people and other people's safety. The way to solve this problem is to have more security guards on a lookout for what students do when they are somewhere else in the school other than their classroom.
Lots of great resources -- science labs especially, and if you conduct an independent experiment there is a surprising amount of funding. Great gym facilities and a variety of classes. The electives are particularly great, with the amount of engineering and art courses available, along with their resources and spaces, that not many other places have.
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Niles West High School has shown me the importance of community and diversity. We treat each other as if we were family and are always there for each other. The teachers are great and there are so many activities students can be involved in.
The high school is extremely diverse and for the most part everyone got along. The environment was great, along with inspiring teachers. At this school, one would actually get something out of the material learned and not just memorizing things to obtain a good grade.
From my experience, Niles Township Community High School is an excellent district to learn in. It's highest qualities are it's diversity, extracurricular opportunities, and abundant resources. Although it doesn't seem like a 'rich' school, there are so many chances to take advantage of what this high school offers. My opinion is in the light of my involvement in the unique student STEM research class offered at Niles West. Very few public high schools in the area give students a chance to experience a year-long independent research project of their own, and taking this course has grown me immensely as a person. Resources such as these prompt me to have such high esteem of my high school.
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