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Niles High School has not been amazing. The overall curriculum and disposition is poor, yet I've found comfort in the English field of the school. I am very impressed with the faculty of this specific area, but quite the opposite with most of the other staff.
Niles Community School is a school district with a lot of gossip. It is flooded with people who do not care about other people's feelings and administrators who are there for the money. For example, the administrators only show up to events for photo ops and then they go on the Facebook page. However, the schools are very nice. All of them recently were remodeled and this has left a lasting impact on all students because it improved the learning environment. Air conditioning was adding which is a very nice addition for the hot fall and spring months. Though the administration is poor, the teachers give their job their all. I have had a great experience with ALL Niles Community Schools teachers.
I love the new renovations. All of our classrooms have new heating/air conditioning, new windows, new furniture, and new paint.
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I liked how the consolers and teachers help with anything a student needs. The consolers like to know their students so they help them with as much as they want. The teachers always are willing to help the students get better at their work. If a students ends up failing a test the teacher always helps after school or at lunch time to help the student understand what they got wrong.
I love Niles, there are so many clubs and the people are leaders! I will always be a viking! We have a Stem, Model UN and NJHS Program for leaders and a great student council program.
I love that there are many different options for your children that can fit their needs. If you learn better doing PBL, there is a place for you and all the teachers are very interested in you as people. They want to help you grow into wonderful human beings and that includes more than just academic readiness. They do their best to push you and often times leave more of an impact than they get credit for. Niles Community Schools will always do what they can to meet the needs of every child and they want every one of us to succeed.
My experience with this school is very good for the most part. I graduated in 2016 from the WAY Niles Program. I loved my teachers and those who were there to guide me. They were all very supportive and encouraging, in helping me reach my goal for graduation. The only thing I would like to see changed is more teachers who could help with different subjects. I was not the best at math, so when I went in the school looking for someone to help me there was really no one there who was able to help me in the way I needed help. Other than that this school was a pretty great school.
I would like to see our curriculum in New Tech better thought out. Homework is scattered. I would love to see planned out homework and everyday schedules.
I am currently a senior at Niles high school and if I were to tell you anything about Niles I would say it's a great school. The staff here does everything in their power to make sure you get an understanding of the material being taught, they stay for hours after school, the are open before school, and some even leave their lunch breaks for students. Even if you miss everything opportunity to physically meet with them they make sure you have their email to contact them with any questions at all. Outside of the academic support the school provides emotional support. There are councilors avaiable at all times of the day and they have even brought in a therapy dog to help. We have a great student section to add to our already amazing support system, our students try to attend every game even the away ones to cheer on our student athletes. I am truly proud to call myself a Niles Viking.
My experience with Niles Community Schools has been an overall great experience. I was able to get into the Niles New Tech program and I feel like I am able to tackle and big group projects. I was also able to be dual enrolled at Lake Michigan College, and from being able to take college courses while still going to High School has helped me get more classes done to be able to reach my Associated Degree that I will be able to get once I finish my last few courses at Lake Michigan College.
Niles High School really has turned me into a college-ready student. Over my four years, they've taught me how to be an effective learner. I have also had the opportunity to partake in multiple sports and be members of multiple clubs. Niles is not a wonderful district but an even better city to live in. Although I wouldn't mind to see the facilities and resources within the high school improve. Most of our books that we use for class are 10 years or older and that is almost a disadvantage to us students and hinders our learning.
I have gone to Niles Community Schools my entire life and have never had a terrible experience. The schools here are great and wouldn't want to ever change the fact that I grew up being taught by amazing teachers and being surrounded by amazing faculty the past twelve years.
I feel Niles provided different learning environments that allowed all types of opportunities for students.
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