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I think there should be more parent involvement and more thorough college preparation, the expectation of students to have college knowledgeable parents or siblings causes confusion.
I think that Niles City Schools has an amazing english and language arts department and teachers! I think that foreign language at this school is taught very well. Although they have a really good english and language arts department, the math department is not very good. It needs a lot of work.
I have always gone to schools in the Niles School District and have enjoyed every day of it. I have had the best teachers and staff.
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I wish it could have prepared me more for college i was not ready at all. I wish there was more activities and more ways to get college information
The new schools are clean and updated. My daughter seems to be well prepared for her upcoming college experience. Would like to see the school better budget their money.
At Niles McKinley High School I had a wonderful experience and had some of the best teachers! I was able to take CCP classes through YSU which was amazing and helped me out a lot. Some things that could be changed would be more punishment for students doing wrong and not following the rules. Another thing that could be changed is the school lunches, they're so small and the food dint the best.
I would like to see more support of music and arts as well as freedom to express views on controversial topics which are important to the world.
I really enjoyed the sports programs at Niles High school. The support from staff and fellow students was outstanding. Somethings that i would like to see change are adding more electives, better food options and a more hands-on program for college readiness.
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