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It is a very welcoming school with the kindest staff! They do their best to ensure you succeed in your endeavors.
I think Nicholas County High School along with all high schools should require everyone to take a class upon graduation that deals with problems that we will have to face in the real world. Such as buying/renting a home, vehicle, healthcare, cooking, how to find a job, taxes, credit, etc. These are all vital things that we need to learn in life and thank God that I have a family that can help me after high school with these issues, but imagine the kids that don't.
I enjoyed my time at Nicholas County High School. The teachers are all very nice and are great at teaching. I'd like to see the technology and facilities to be updated.
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Some teachers are good and generally care about the students. The food is decent. The teachers make sure you are safe and feel calm. You earn everything you get. Schedules are set good.
Nicholas County schools suffer from bad facilities and lack of supplies. Although the teachers take their time to create personal relationships with the students, they let those friendships prevent them from actually teaching the material they need to be successful in life. Students are not introduced to options for after high school until their senior year and then they are not given enough information.
Board of ed seems to be full of them selves. Rich wood high school goes to school in pods. It’s cold on the walkways outside. Class is too easy
I wish Nicholas County would focus more on preparing students for college and less on how the football team is doing.
I was homeschooled in Nicholas County! I am so thankful for a wonderful education from my friends and family.
What I like about Nicholas County Schools is that I feel safe, and protected by my teachers. I have gotten an excellent education throughout my years of school. My teachers enjoy their job and they are good at what they do. What I would like to see change is the appreciation to the teachers who devote their time into teaching us teenagers.
A large portion of the student body are undisciplined and rude. The teachers can be very helpful and assist one when
he asks for it. The rest of the staff are loveable and extremely pleasant.
Nicholas County High school has a wide variety of class and it’s an all around great school. The only problem that I have with this school is the students. A lot of the students are rude and bully one another. Things aren’t taken into action to try and change the students ways either. We all just get lectured about the issue, but no actual cause is done.
Nicholas county high school is a good school with good teachers. Just like any other school their are it's downfalls as well.
My time spent at NCHS was average. I thoroughly enjoyed several teachers, while disliking several others because of their poor teaching habits. The principal and board members seemed pretty unorganized.
I love most of the teachers and I like that they're small schools. I would change the building that we have school in because of some issues.
I really enjoyed going to school in Nicholas County. We had excellent teachers and bullying was not a large problem. Bullies were not tolerated. The teachers there really wanted to see the students succeed and offered extra help to struggling students.
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