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Growing up I loved being part of the family atmosphere. Everyone is so close in the school, and the teachers try their very hardest to make sure we are ready for the college life. They want us to succeed just as much as we want that for themselves.
I have been very happy with my school career at Niagara Public Schools. It is a small school, with a close knit feel to it. The teachers have been helpful and offer guidance as needed. I consider myself lucky to have been a student of Niagara Public Schools for my entire school career.
The Niagara School District strives for both academic and personal integrity and success. Offering many extracurricular activities, the district encourages students to stay active to promote health and well-being.
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I really liked how small Niagara was. A lot of other people that go to bigger schools such as my friends from West De Pere in Green Bay laugh at how small Niagara is. They think it's a joke. I don't. I know everyone, I know what grade they're in, their first and last names, and more. I would rather go to a school where i know everyone in the highschool then know maybe 1-2 people and nobody even knows who you are. There's more competition in a bigger school yes but there is still competition in a small school. I love being able to get more one on one time with the teachers also. They are actually able to get to know you personally. Instead of just knowing you by the desk you sit in at school. Or you get known for the amount of money your parents have or just stuff with your parents.
Niagara is a super close knit school. You don't see much cliques or bullying because it is so small. I love that I can literally walk up to anybody and not be afraid of being judged. The teachers know most students personally so they can really do all they can to help you. I loved attending Niagara so much that I actually want to teach her myself and be able to participate in watching the growth of the students.
I grew up in a small town, going to a small school. I loved my high school experience. Niagara Public School has a lot to offer. There are sports like volleyball, basketball, and football; to wrestling, track, and baseball. There are also extra curricular activities such as theater, majorettes, cheer leading, and environmental club. There is so much more offered. Going to Niagara aloud me to join many activities and meet great friends. At Niagara your not just a number. The teachers get to know you and are there for you whenever you need them. People are kind to one another in my school and we strive to make our school better. We may be small, but we always stand our ground with larger schools.
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