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Niagara Falls City School District Reviews

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Diversity. Programs designed to reach every student regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender identity
My experience at my former Highschool was great! It was very diverse and I had a lot of experiences due to being involved in sports and chorus!! The principal was very strict and supportive and the school was in order ! You can be yourself without any judgement !
I`ve been a part of the Niagara Falls City School District for the majority of my student life. My first day started at Maple Avenue Elementary School where I`d come to meet a handful of class mates that would venture with me until graduation day. I currently am attending my last year at Niagara Falls High School. It is very crowded but full of colorful faces. Many people from different walks of life went to my school and taught me what life is like for other people regarding it be there race, gender, religion or sexual orientation that has affected them. I have come to learn the importance of every individual in my life and I aim to take there stories with me to help future generations and those still struggling with their realities. I hope to see my school give every kid the chance I got and to provide them with every aspect of knowledge they will need to succeed in life.
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In my time here, I believe I was prepared for college and this school is part of why I'm successful. The teachers want you to succeed and will do everything to help you as long as you are willing to put in the work. A lot of people complain about school and don't want to do their work, but school is important and you only get as much as you put in. Sports were good, food is average, and the teachers are amazing.
I love all the extra curricular activities that are available at my school. No matter what you like to do- sports, theater, chorus, computers, clubs- there is a group for you!
My high school was very social, and those in my graduating class all got along very well. Bullying was basically non-existent at NFHS, and I loved the diversity of it as well. Students genuinely cared about each other, and I never ever disliked a teacher that I had in my four years of going there. A new principle came and took over my junior year and he ran things a little differently than students were used to, but it was not a terribly big deal.
Niagara Falls High School is a great school and does everything they can with what they have. They have the largest sports complex for students in NY state. In the future i would like to see more money being spent on the expansion of clubs within the school. Teachers are excellent and they provide a great learning atmosphere for students. Counselors are always there to provide any help with college aspirations and scholarships and with whatever the students need.
Very poor city. Wish there was more funding for after schoo programs for children. Overall NFCSD needs a make over to increase revenue and secure retention
I like the experience I have had over the period of my life with Niagara Falls City School District. I have met many amazing teachers and staff members in the three schools I have attended. Based off of my experiences, I would not change a thing. I feel the school district continues to get better and better as time goes on.
I graduated from here, in 2017. This school was the best school! You make so much friends that you never feel left out! There's so many clubs and or activities, and the teachers help you with every chance they get!
Niagara Falls High School was an average school. They had the worst food out of any place I have ever eaten from. The teachers were under qualified and most of them probably made a wrong career choice becoming teachers. It's sad that now a days the school districts will just hire anyone to fill a classroom. The need for substitute teachers is always at a high. There would be some days I walked into class and it was just a room full of kids for a whole class period because the teacher was sick and there weren't enough substitutes in the building to have someone in our class.
Very diverse place to attend school. All the teachers are willing to help when needed and help prepare students to for college as well as doing their best in class.
I think it would be best to just start it all over! I really feel, as a parent, that most staff in the school district staff only care about getting money for the schools! There have been times where my kids have went directly to a teacher with relevant issues, then myself, and then myself to someone "higher up" for my kids success. They seem to think NO parents care about their kids education or that no student cares about their own education. My kids are almost through their school career so it is most likely too late for them but their will be more! There have been secretaries in the office that seem to be more involved or care more about the students than principals or teachers. I cannot believe the things I have to buy or send money in for on top of all the grants and such they get.
I would like for the people at my son's school to notice when the school bus has taken off without my children getting on it for them to be brought home and for the staff at their school to pay attention and notice my 11 yrs old and 4 yrs old walking out of the school building all by their selves without an adult walking with them because they dropped the ball and with their not noticing and without my being alerted because of their neglect my 11 yrs old and 4 yrs old son's walked home all by their selves down a very busy boulevard on a 20-25 minute walk all the way home without an adult present walking with them!! Then the principal tried to blame it on my kids instead of their taking responsibility for their neglecting the safety and well being of my children to get home safe from school via their school bus.
I was never really very good at my lessons, but I enjoyed attending this school. I did well enough to graduate, thanks to teachers and parental support and great efforts all without taking medication for my ADHD. I had to retake gym, because I hated the pool, but I tried harder to do better when I joined Theatre and had a reason to keep my grades up. I loved being a part of Niagara Falls high school's class of 2011, even if I hated actually having to go to class.
There are many elementary schools, but they are very crowded and should open another to make for smaller classes for students to better learn at. There are only two middle schools which are crowded as well with more students moving into them. There is one high school which has everyone in the whole city in.
Niagara Falls City School district was a very good district to attend. I feel as tho the teachers always cared about the students and that made going to school so much better. They weren't the kind of teachers that didn't care if you passed or failed. They did everything you could to make sure you were on the right track.
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Niagara falls school district is a wonderful school district, I been living in Niagara falls all my life and most of there school are very great. They also have privates school that children with high level standards of education. Even though I wasn't able to attend one of those private school I was still able to learn and understand education as well graduating from high school.
My High School experience at Niagara Falls high School is really comforting. With a focused atmosphere I can concentrate and be successful. I love the Hard working teachers who push for you to do your best as long as they can see in you that you want to push to be the best. I love the sports teams that are created to show hardwork, dedication, and readiness. The students in the school are just as amazing, as depending on your croud, you always feel like you have someone there for you as far as your peers which makes school experience even more great. Niagara falls high school is really outstanding on an inside point of view and experience.
Niagara Falls High School is a decent school with nice teachers and faculty that do care for their students well! I just wish the school would improve on getting students well prepared for college as well as scholarship opportunities.
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