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I loved my experience growing up in Newtown. We had a strong sense of community and the educational experience here really prepared me for college.
There is a strong sense of community in the Newtown school district. Ive experienced a lot go warmth and kindness. I've also experienced a strong push to do and be the best that I can be while putting forward my best work.
It was great because I was able to learn in a way that was best suited for me.
The teachers were excellent and caring. They helped us meet and exceed our potential and were willing to go above and beyond what their "job description" was while making us feel important.
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Our school district is well balanced because it focuses on academics as well as extra curricular activities. It challenges students with AP courses and also embraces students to get involved with a number of groups and encourages students to create their own group if none exists. The teachers and administration are always available to help at any time. I will miss it but am looking forward to the new challenges college will bring me.
The majority of the teachers and staff at Newtown schools are committed to helping students succeed. Newtown High School offers opportunities for students to get involved in clubs, activities, and sports. The school also provides tutors and learning centers to support students who need extra help at any time. My guidance counselor at Newtown High School is fantastic and has been a huge help in guiding me throughout my high school career.
Newtown High School is a great environment for students to learn. There are a variety of clubs and classes that cover almost all areas of interests. For those who desire a challenging class, there are many to choose from. In this school, there is plentiful opportunity.
quality teachers for the most part, caring environment, very interested in the emotional wellbeing of the student, not only the academics. Great sports program. Plentiful school spirit. Everything up-to-date in the classrooms and latest technology.
The community is always working together, the classes are focused and fun, still integrating work with freedom,
My overall experience was wonderful! I've never gone to any other school district to know what others would be like - to compare. Teachers were helpful and I was always involved with sports. I do enjoy college much more.
Elementary, intermediate and high schools all are very good. Low student/teacher ratios, committed teachers who have excellent experience and thoroughly enjoy teaching. Unfortunately, the middle school leaves much to be desired. Lack of strong leadership, as well as experienced teachers for that early adolescent student age/stage.
The School District is large enough to provide a strong learning environment yet, small enough to respond to students individual needs.
It’s a pretty great school district in terms of academics and such, and I really feel as if I’m on the right track for college, but the diversity is next to none and it’s generally a pretty boring place to live.
Most of my classes were amazing opportunities because it's in a wealthy white community. There were some teachers who were too arrogant to actually learn anything from though.
Newtown has some of the best academics and college preparations possible. There are entire semester long classes devoted each year to preparing students for the next several years of their education. The school has an excellent culture, especially with successful sports teams. I know of several friends who have said their parents moved here because the schools were better than in other nearby towns. I have been satisfied with nearly all of my teachers, and never felt like I was left behind. In general, the school is very well equipped and has good facilities. The lone exception here would be the somewhat revolting cafeteria food, but that is not a problem for me because I bring my lunch from home. I honestly do not know why other people don't do that as well, because I hear them complain about it almost every day. I feel ready for college and am confident I am in a good position to succeed.
At Newtown Middle School, I always felt close to my teachers and peers. The schedule I had always promoted hard work as well as autonomy, with the integration of a study hall. I always loved the teachers that I had, and felt close to them by the end of the year!
I would like to see the way they handle student punishments differently. In one instance, a student went on the roof and was almost expelled while several students who SOLD underage nude photos of other students were not as severely punished.
Newtown School district is amazing. They work over the top with each student to make sure they are a success. They are very involved working as a team, especially when a students move up from one school to the next. Will definitely be raising my own kids up in this district.
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We chose to move to Newtown in 2009 primarily due to to reputation of the school system. We wanted to ensure our son was attending a good school in a town where he felt connected to the community, and where he would have an opportunity to prepare for his future. The high school counseling staff is top notch, especially when it comes to preparing students and parents for the college search and application process. The entire Newtown district is filled with amazing teachers, counselors and administrators who genuinely care about students and families.
Great place to go to high school. There are many reasources available to students. Teachers usually care about their students and want them to do well. If you're a driven student and want to succeed you'll do fine.
I enjoy the environment of the classroom setting. The school is up to date and has a lively environment that is great for learning. I believe their only downfall is that some of the teachers do not engage the class in learning in a new and interesting way, which may make the sessions seem dry. Overall, the administration understands the students and negotiates events that allow the students to have fun while maintaining a professional manner.
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