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I think that our building at the high school level is falling apart and our community refuses to support our school
It's a very hit or miss school. Half of the teachers are amazing and accepting and there to help you in every way. The other half really couldn't care less about you in any way.
I like the numerous opportunities Newton High School offers for students to be involved in extracurriculars be it sports for clubs. Behavior is an issue at NHS however and for a relatively small school it is sometimes hard to find other students that are motivated and who can stay out of trouble.
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I think there are many amazing things about USD 373. The people and teachers genuinely care about you and you can get a pretty quality education. The things I would change would be some of the disciplinary actions taken. Sometimes these aren't always beneficial to the student. There could be a few better qualified teachers as well. The heart is there but not always the skill set.
I am currently a senior at Newton High School. Throughout my years in the school district I have enjoyed participating on the dance team, in debate and many clubs. However, I have not enjoyed the amount of safety our administration has provided us with. Just recently, 7 high school students were arrested in a campus drug bust, as they were selling drugs at school. There are still multiple students who continue doing this, even after the arrests were made, and the administration seems to turn a blind eye, insisting they have taken care of the problem completely.
Moderately large high school for Kansas. Lots of diversity, much opportunity for all students with different interests. Tons of sports from Football, to tennis, to cross country, to bowling. Great staff and teachers. Awesome fine arts department.
I like how dedicated teachers are and the people here are very friendly. I would like to see a budget increase for the schools here because there's a lot of things that need to be fixed, but there's no money.
I was a part of the Newton Unified School District from fifth grade to sophomore year and then returned from the end of junior year and up until graduation in May of 2015. I found that the teachers here are much more hands on than in the other two school districts that I have been in. I like how, because it is a smaller district, there is more of an opportunity for closer relationships to form between students and teachers allowing for an easier transition throughout school. This made all of the difference for my time in school.
Teachers in our distric do not seem to take matters like bullying or gun control seriously. Teachers seem to ignore problems, unless your a sports kid.
I like the opportunities that Newton school district provides. Whether you want to go on to become a doctor or enter the work force with a trade, Newton will provide you with the tools to succeed. I do wish that the school could make improvements the administrative staff. The office is usually filled with people who have bad attitudes and bias judgment. If you need help you will receive it but not in a very decent manner. Office staff are annoyed when you ask them to preform a simple task that is within their job description. The teaching staff is great. People who care about their students.
I love going to school here, but I feel like there could be more diversity within the school. I also feel there should be more support of the music program.
The majority of the teachers are really interested in helping students to be successful. They are willing to help students with work before school even starts or by staying late after school. They listen to what you have to say and take an interest in what their students are involved with. Many of them really go out of their way and make learning a new concept fun. They use games as a learning experience to help the new idea makes sense in a down to earth way. They get involved with student life as well, by attending school events students are involved with and cheering them on. They take time to get to know their students and welcome parent involvement as well in classrooms. Many of the staff are very giving and thoughtful and will give students supplies that they have paid for with their own money to those that may not be able to afford them. We have the right size of town where people can learn to know others and call them by name.
My over all experience was great , I find that Newton has a great school standing . There are hard working people all around . I very rarely felt like an outsider and was always encouraged by staff and students to try new things. I always received the help that I needed with no hesitation.
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