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Newton Public Schools has a very strong academic program, and gives a lot of opportunities for their students to be successful. Although the amount of work load can be a lot and stressful most of the time, it really prepares the students well for the next four years they are in college.
I think that the Newton public school system is tailored towards very academic stem focused students, but leaves behind students with varying learning styles aspirations and diverse backgrounds
Great school with strong teachers and academics but is a high-stress enviorment. Thankfully there are good counselors and support systems in place. The extra curricular options are massive and have something for everyone and our sports programs are strong. Some teachers are not as great as others, but overall the entire staff is of a high standard.
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Great school with a wonderful teachers who make a difference. The school is very rigorous, offers a lot of electives, has incredible facilities (two theaters, fine arts studios, great photo lab, automotive and woodworking shops, swimming pool, and other top notch athletic facilities). The college counseling program starts early on, and it has been very helpful for my school selection and application process. Overall I have felt very supported by my teachers and the school in general.
Overall a pretty great school. The atmosphere is very competitive though and leads to a lot of stress on students and pressure to be in the top of the class. Great teachers and administrators. Poor guidance offices.
Many teachers, textbooks are mostly up-to-date, school cafeterias have edible food but are highly priced, high schools have drug problems, teachers are mandated reporters but regularly ignore physical and emotional abuse in the higher grades. Infrastructure varies a ton, most of the money goes to elementary schools. Bullying is a problem in the elementary and middle schools but is harshly punished in high schools. Students are well educated and informed about mental illness in middle school. Health curriculum is better than most districts but still vaguely rapey
I went through the system for all 13 years. Academics and extracurriculars are very good. As someone with ADHD, in some ways I slipped through the cracks; I didn't need a classroom aide or full time support, and most of the specialists (especially at NNHS) are geared towards people with more severe issues than me. I did, however, graduate, in no small part thanks to the theatre and music departments.
I want Newton to be more open to change and to create an environment where racial diversity is more accepted
great town, great people, very open minded, state of the art facilities, the curriculum offers many opportunities for students to explore their interests while also building a strong foundation in academics. the
Newton Public Schools has high quality education and is very inclusive in its approach to teaching. Teachers are usually strict, but to the point. The schools have little bullying and problems, and students are very diverse, and polite/civil to one another. The amount of clubs, activities, sports, and programs are so vast, wide, and creative, and have some of the top teams of the country. Students are always supported by the guidance councelers and other staff members-- no child is left unheard.
Teachers are mostly great, academics excellent. Not as diverse as I would have liked. Acceptance of LGBT very good. alot of sexism and entitlement.
Newton Public Schools is a very welcoming community with lots of people with a variety of different interests. I always felt supported both by my teachers and my peers growing up and am glad to have attended this schooling system.
Some of the best schools in the state! This school district does not lack in education, and has a plethora of opportunities for everyone. There is truely something for everyone here.
.Middle schools are in need of renovations and approach to student involvement. Because of the socioeconomic security had by a large majority of the town, the student populations tend to be unappreciative and at times, judgmental. Strong education and very PC school system, though large class numbers, competitive nature of student body, etc can be daunting for some students.
Graduated Newton South HS. Can not conceive of a better school system turning out graduates better prepared for college (e.g. all but two of the males in my homeroom went to Harvard or Yale, one girl in my homeroom was 1 of 10 Johnson scholars. Academics and teachers were second to none.
It's great if you don't need extra help but it is falsely praised for being great for students with learning disabilities.
I grew up through the nps system and couldn’t love it any more. The people are great, the academics are amazing, and I feel very prepared for the outside world because of them.
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Not very diverse, but very great education. Newton really works toward students being prepared for college and finding out what they want to do after High School. Teachers are always available for extra help opportunities, and try to help students succeed.
The Newton Public School system is not perfect, but I am glad that I was able to attend school here from 2005 to 2018. I made a lot of great connections and have a lot of good memories.
Excellent set of teachers, great range of opportunities for extracurriculars (sports and theatre programs both very strong)
Long list of available AP classes, average AP scores all very high
The only reservation I had with the system was the rather homogenous student body - it's not a terribly diverse district, with just about 95% of students being wealthy and liberal
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