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Newton Falls Exempted Village School District Reviews

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During my time at Newton Falls elementary, middle and high school, I have made some wonderful friendships and have begun to process to prepare for college. We have some wonderful teachers and administrators, but at this time I would love to see more student enrollment so that we are able to keep all of our schools open! It is very unfortunate the our town is unable to keep all three of our schools funded and open to our students.
I attended Newton Falls school from kindergarten to graduation. Overall, my experience was very poor. There is a lack of qualified teachers and the administration plays favorites with students. They also continue to pump money into failing sports teams while other extra curricular activities such as art, band, and choir remain underfunded.
It doesn't excel really anywhere but is a safe nice place to go. We don't really have any clubs. The teachers are the best part they do a great job and really care and it shows in there work.
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Newton Falls is a slightly less than average school in a small town. Growing up there my whole life, I can confidently say there is little to no diversity. The school has common bomb threats, and while some teachers are wonderful, the bad often outshines the good.
Although the school does not offer AP courses, the teachers are all hard working and willing to help at all times.
Newton Falls is not a terrible school, but it also isn't the best. The administration is not open to many changes, and they don the stick to one set of rules. The dress code is not clear and is all over the place. Not all, but some of the students here aren't very racist and we have pretty much no diversity in our school whatsoever. We need to have more electives or college classes offered, but we can't because our school has no money.
Went to school here for technically four years but left to attend the local career center because the school was lacking in what I wanted and have had bad experiences with both students and staff here.
I had a wonderful experience at the Newton Falls Exempt Village School District. I was a student there all my life. The teachers there really care about their students, it is a small school environment so each student is treated as an individual instead of a number, and there are many amazing clubs and extracurriculars offered.
Pretty bad experience at this school. While there are clearly teachers that care for their students and are trying to push them to success, most just seemed to not care at all. And then there's the issue of so many teachers who had their own children attending the school which led to special treatment and getting out of detentions and suspensions.
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