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Newton county has a great school system, and they care very much about their students success. The only thing I would say thats bad about the system is that they have a messed up zoning system, and they should adopt some things from counties near that would make us as students more engaged/ on top of our work but in all a good school system.
We love Newton County schools. My kids are excited for school everyday. The teachers are amazing and administration is very involved with parents and students.
Overall it was an average educational experience and I would like to see some improvements in diversity and resources for students to have.
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Newton county schools is a great school system. My child has been going there for a while . She hasn’t complained about her education yet. They have very great resources. She always come home telling me how her teachers push her to do better.
They are very good with helping us students achieve greatness and are top in all counties with test scores and safety
I'm about to graduate From Newton High School. I went to Fairview before now, so I've been with NCSS my whole life and this place is pretty average. Nothing about it really stands out. It's really just another school system.
I am a senior at newton college and career academy. My 4 years in a newton county school system has been the best. There were ups and downs but throughout it all my experience was great.
Newton County Career Academy is an excellent school. The teachers are very good role models and work hard to inspire students. The facility is nice. The kids who attend are serious about doing well in school. There are many clubs and all sorts of activities going on all the time. The school offers a lot to prepare the students for their futures. There are work based learning pathways, attend college early pathways, internships and many more opportunities available.
What i like about Newton County school is how diverse they are with people. What i want to see change is a bigger budget for things students want and then a more lenient approach to certain consequences and incentives.
My experience of NHS is average. I did not like my high school career with the exception of some of my peers and life lessons from my teachers. You can try to make the best of it like any other teenager. Regarding to food, my freshmen year was better than the years that came. The administration and student's behaviors needs to improve more than anything. There are good and bad students.
Newton County Schools isn’t perfect, but it definitely is something that can be made great. If you really want to succeed, you need to go out of your way to do so. That includes talking to teachers, counselors, and admin. You can’t expect these people to do it for you.
I was in the Newton County School System from 4th to 12th Grade. There were opportunities to join a variety of clubs, AP classes, and sports teams.
I like newton county schools because the teachers made the lessons interesting and pushed me to work hard. Newton county schools provides exposure to new activities, clubs, and fields of knowledge that you might never encounter otherwise. The school prepared me for real life. The staff works together, pushing themselves and the students to be the best. I would change the horrible lunch food but nothing else. I love my high school, I do not have a lot of dislike towards newton county schools.
My experience with Newton has been very pleasant overall. However, I do have the upper-hand: I am an honor and AP students, I have a great rapport with the staff, and I am very involved. Newton is great, but there is room for growth. Some teachers lack the personality to work with teenagers all day or are actually not qualified, and secondly, there needs to be academic counselors and emotional counselors, not one person wearing different hats, if you will.
I love Newton County school system. They have teachers that strive to teach you and they see their job more than just a paycheck. Custodians pride themselves in all the work they do to Make sure a clean learning environment is provided. Administration is always willing to listen and help you solve any problems.
I really enjoy the overall school atmosphere and social interactions that i have developed over the years. I have been within the Newton County System since kindergarten and I have meet some really nice friends and have known many teachers. The teachers have much respect for any student who resides within the Newton County System regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or background.
I am very thankful to have been nurtured in such a great county and would not recommend any other county over Newton County.
My experience was very fun! It is a very diverse school there are people from different states even countries who attend Newton High School. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is trying to open up and definitely be themselves or even want to feel comfortable. There is high school spirit and academic wise the teachers will work with you one on one in or outside of school.
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Newton county schools is a fairly amazing place to go to school and the teachers are amazing and supportive and their priority is for students to succeed in a safe environment.
Somethings were good, student involvement in school activities, sports etc. Most the teachers were nice and treated us as their own, taught us a lot of life skills and other stuff we need to know.
Newton County Schools has great teachers and staff. They care about the students and their education. I would change the number of students that attend the high school. It's too many at one location.
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