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I like that NCCS is a small school system and they also gave me the option to learn in small highschool setting.
Newton-Conover City Schools provides a welcoming environment towards students of all ages. The administrative staff is kind and helpful.
I love my school due to the environment. We have a system where a family is formed. As a student, we create the culture. Many adults take credit, but when kids believe in themselves and in peers it sets the tone to be all around better.
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I have enjoyed my time in Newton-Conover Schools, however my high school has gone through a lot of changes. I preferred when it was a small school, but it has continued to increase in size the entire time i've been there, and when I initially joined, it was supposed to be a technology/science school allowing for more opportunities for college. I feel it has gone away from this ideology, however I am hoping with inclusion of a new principal, even though I will have graduated, it will begin to return to what it once was and made it so great.
I am a student at Discovery High School. Discovery is a great school that demands for their students to produce top level work that would be acceptable at higher institutions; such as, colleges, specialty schools of higher learning, and other academic programs past high-school. Although my high-school is great at what it does it is underfunded and provided with the leftover technology that the district doesn't know what to do with. I would like to see our academic success be aided by more funding and more advanced programs for my fellow students.
I would not trade my experience at NCHS for anything. I transferred to the Newton Conover City schools in the 7th grade, I was exposed to new opportunities for my academic career that I would have been able to get anywhere else. They have pushed me to be the best student that I can be.
I liked the way teachers treated me as a student. I felt like they actually knew me. I would like to see the school grow more.
I have had the best years of my life attending Newton-Conover High School. Now that I'm here, I couldn't imagine myself attending any other school. My teachers are great, I have many friends from all different backgrounds and have the opportunity to join many clubs. I know that I'm on the right path for college when I step through the doors every morning. I feel safe at my high school, knowing my peers and teachers have my back. Newton-Conover has Chromebooks in every room, which makes online learning super convenient. Not only does Newton-Conover provide a great academic environment, but also extracirrulars that build strong qualities to better individuals. I have made countless unforgettable memories playing soccer under the lights with friends by my side and my family in the stands. At Newton-Conover club members are expected to serve others in the community before we serve ourselves. Newton-Conover High School is where dreams can become a reality.
My experience in the Newton Conover Cuty Schools district is very good it engages students into different learning activities and helps them enhance their skills along with helping their grades.
Newton-Conover was my home growing up. The community was tight-knit and very supportive of one another. Everyone was involved in school one way or another whether it was through sports, clubs, or even volunteering as tutors. There was never a time I was worried about being prepared for my next chapter in life, which is college. The entire school system made sure each student had equal opportunities to get connected with higher level academics. There were designated college days where students were able to apply to schools and scholarships with the help of counselors. I do not know of many schools that take the time to sit with students to help plan out their future, and give great guidance in doing so. Without the Newton-Conover school system, I would not be in the outstanding place I am today.
I currently attend Newton-Conover as a sophomore. I like all of my teachers and classes. There are many clubs offered, which makes it easy for people to find something they really like.
The environment is absolutely wonderful! I love the school in general. The teachers are such nice people that help with whatever struggles that keep you from doing your work. They understand and try to work with you. I haven't yet had a teacher that was rude and inconsiderate to me or other students. I would definitely give this school an A+ for such great patiences and the education they give to the students at Newton Conover.
My experience with Newton Conover city schools have been overall pretty good! They are really involved in sports and making sure to announce the different things going on within the school. They also make sure that we as students get involved with different clubs and go to sporting events.
The school is pretty good, but there is just one thing that happens that I don't like there and it is the quality of some of the teachers. Some of them are just flat out terrible at teaching and can't teach. These teachers prohibit some of the students to reach the full potential because they can not teach. But there is the occasional good teachers that do teach well.
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