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I would like to see more diversity in this school district and some better facilities. However, there are many resources to prepare you for college, which is helpful. DMACC is nearby and you can take many college classes there to get credits. I've had very good experiences with the teachers at Newton High School and I've very rarely had a bad experience with them. Overall, it's a pretty decent school district.
It was a great school to graduate from! I wish I had taken more college courses when I was there and studied harder.
I come from a huge city and I love that the classes are small but not too small. They have more one on one time with the kids here than our previous place and I feel much safer here than I ever did before.
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Newton wasn’t a bad school to go to but there could be some definite improvements. Some improvements could be the readout was. When I was a sophomore in high school I had a surgery and it lasted month of recovery before I could go back to school and a lot of teachers weren’t will to help catch me up on some of my acedemics.
My experience in the Newton Community School District has been amazing! No matter where I am in the district I am welcomed with a smile. My teachers have always push me to do my best and go above and beyond the state average. While playing sports in Newton, my coaches have always told me that it isn't about winning, it is about representing the name on the front of your jersey. they have also taught me to work hard and to be disaplined
I like the support by the community and parents for sports and achievements within the school district.
My overall experience was tremendous! The fun activities scheduled throughout the school year were always fun times, the teachers were great as they always helped you whenever you needed it and they showed everyday that they cared about your education and lastly the athletic events that were put on were spot on. I had a great four years of high school at NHS!
I feel the Newton Community School District is amazing at bringing diversity to the table. The budgets may be in a bad state from what I hear, but the teachers are top notch. The environments in the school are positive, and the lunches are very healthy. The sports system is great, even sending kids to state. Overall the school deserves 4 stars.
At a young age I was diagnosed with dyslexia. For me learning was hard and frustrating throughout elementary school. However, in 6th grade I had an amazing teacher who worked with me to achieve my goal of getting out of special education. Ever since then I have been a 4.0 student throughout middle school and high school. Newton has an awesome school district and facility to make learning easier for each and every student.
Newton is a great school district. It's pretty safe, and everyone knows almost everyone. The teachers are great and the schools aren't too big. It's a pretty close community. There are many different ways to get involved here.
grades are spread out across the town, if you have more than 1 child you have drop them at a school and drive to another school. Teachers and certain children are being targeted, some parents have bully children at the bus stops screaming at them for no reason. when try to reason with them has adult them just scream at you before you able to speak a word. when my son was ill , he had asked his teacher for the assignment he told my son to figure it out on his own. this is one of the worst school system in my opinion. right now our friends have removed their kids and enrolled them in homeschool or towns. the teachers here dont care about the students well being. The amount of time the child is allowed to eat about 5 minutes. I will be glad to move soon and put my children in a better school system. the way sports coaches talk to kids should be done in better way of encourgment.
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