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My experience at Newport is a warm family with good teachers and many opportunities especially in the science and math field. The students there are all hard workers and the environment is good for pushing yourself and taking you learning to the next level. What I would like to see change is the sports are not good compared to other schools which leads to poor school spirit.
We are a small and involved community. We have a great school district. All e of my children attend Newport schools Kindergarten, 5th and 8th. If I could change anything it would be school starts at 9 am and add more sports for 5th graders. I am very proud of our schools. I am a graduate of Newport as well!!
Newport School District is a welcoming community. Th district is very community oriented and everyone supports one another.
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All the secretaries and staff are so nice. I. Love our schools. My children have had some of the same teachers I did growing up. I think that's so cool!!! I love their family nights and literacy night! I would like to see more sports for 5th grades. I would also like school to start at 9 instead of 7:45. I haven't had any kids I the high school yet. I am answering off my experiences from my childhood.
Newport High School is a very welcoming environment in a quite rural location. The downside of this is that it does not have a large amount of resources when compared to larger public schools.
I love this school district. The staff is always kind and caring. The new administration is always looking for ways to improve our culture and how we are towards each other as students. I have more than enjoyed being a Grizzly athlete. The coaches are considerate and focus on our skills and developing them from the start of the season, to the end of it.
Newport high school shaped who I am today. This high school is not like every other school, we build relationships with our teachers and we are able to reach out to anyone for help whether it has to do with schooling or not. Our education is well organized and if anyone is looking for a great place to have their kids grow up to become respectful, responsible, and overall a great person then Newport high school is the place for that.
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