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I went to school there for my whole life and it had a positive impact on my education. I made good friends and worked well with most teachers.
Great School, Great Staff, Great Administration, Great Students! Love the small school spirit and community.
Love the feel of this small town and the connections that can be made here at Newport. This is a great place to work and we have wonderful students and families.
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Newport is a close-knit community with teachers, staff, administration, and residents who are extremely supportive of our young people.
The community, staff and students are wonderful. The community supports and works with the district to provide for the students. Its a great place to raise a family and get an excellent education.
My wife and I are Newport alumni. Love the school and teacher staff support. The school
Has very modern addition. The sports teams are very competitive. Football, wrestling, baseball, field hockey and soccer ate always in the district and state hunt
I use to go to school here, 10/10 would not recommend. teachers don't care about the children. Nor do they take their jobs seriously as educators.
My experience at Newport has gone pretty well. I love communicating with my teacher and my fellow students. Some teachers make learning so easy and others make it harder. In my experience, I think the way school goes for you is based off of what you make of it. By putting the time and effort into school, makes it go by so much easier. Things are very challenging at times, but being prepared is always for the best. Only you can make the best of what is given. I love Newport, and I am sad that I am going to be a senior this year.
Strict about dress code and political correctness but does nothing when serious concerns of bullying or abuse are reported
The community is nice and connected, but opportunities are limited as a result of the school's small size.
Small town school. It has very dedicated teachers. The students are very close knit. It does come with some draw backs, few sport opportunities, and everyone knows each others private lives. However, this school encourages extracurriculars and academic achievement.
Overall I'd say the schools alright. The only foreign language teacher is a Spanish teacher. If you want to take any other language you do it online. Also there's primarily good teachers. There's a couple that can be overbearing but most are fine as long as you don't do anything to get on their bad sides.
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