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Ive gone here my whole life, its pretty decent. Since entering into high school (RHS), I have been lucky to have an amazing experience. There are most definitely things that Rogers needs to work on and change to make it better, but overall the community with students and teachers, as well as students and other students is very open and welcoming!
I liked the diversity of the school and all the different kinds of kids that I have interacted with. I wish they had better prepared me for college and been more resourceful thought out the process.
Everyone always gives Newport a bad rap and beats down on it. I don't know where they they get those ideas because my experience at Rogers and in the Newport school system has been great. There are many wonderful teachers who are always willing to help and provide the tools needed to guide students to success. The buildings may not be the greatest, but those things can be fixed. Everyone is friendly and nonjudgemental. The schools have so many great things to offer, always keeping the students involved and active. My time at Rogers has been some of the best times of my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
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It’s a very good school and very diversed. The safety af the school is not that great but if you have any problem there are people there for you
I attended Rogers High School for my first year as a senior. Newport public schools have some minor issues due to their misjudgement decisions they choose to make as a team. This lead to an affect on people and kids involve in the newport public school system.
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