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Newport News City Public Schools Reviews

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The experience in Newport News Public Schools extends my learning as well as making school a fun, safe environment for the students. Many people are there to help you succeed academically to become something in life.
I love the way the teachers care about your progress and want to see you do nothing but good. They want us to be at our best and on our best always. They helped me progress from 9th grade a lot to my senior year.
What I like about Newport News Public Schools is the environment and classes offered. I would like to change the food offered and the time being in school.
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I have lived here more of my life. I enjoy the city, the diversity, and new development I have seen over the years.
The teachers are superb and dedicated to ensuring the success of each student, yet despite the willingness of teachers to pursue aid for students, it is often met with a firm no, which I believe is due to the lack of organization everpresent. Organization would greatly improve a school system that is wonderful with a lack of.
Newport News Public Schools have an early learning curriculum designed to boost literacy and math instruction, state-of-the-art science labs and advanced educational technology.
I like how Newport News public schools cater to all students within the city they offer a variety of programs allowing students to go to any school they want within the district with transportation. The learning environment within the schools is very well rounded and I love how the schools are involved in the communities as well
Newport News public schools are great. I have enjoyed coming and being a part of Newport News public schools.
Not enough resources for the children to be able to participate in. There are not enough classrooms that have enough teacher resources to teach the children.
I am a senior in the Newport News Public Schools District. I enjoyed my overall experience but there are definitely areas of improvement. One of those areas includes food. The school lunches are poor to say the least. Education wise, my classes were sufficient in providing me with the education i need to succeed, that is all classes expect one, foreign language. NNPS is known for having a poor foreign language department but that is the only class that needs improvement.
I like how diverse they are and the accountability because they really prepare you for life in the next school. Whether it be from elementary to middle, middle to high, and high to life after high school.
I love that Newport News offers Ap classes for free to students. Also, students have the option of picking their school based on what their interests are. Students in Newport News become college, career, and citizenship ready having options to get ahead and choose to take summer classes. I wouldn’t change a thing about NNSchools they are doing an awesome job.
Schools are becoming more and more difficult to cooperate with. It makes it very hard to respect admin in school systems when they are not equally giving the students respect. Race is becoming a more prevalent issue in the school district creating negative relationships amongst students and faculty which should be the least of the concerns of students when they are going to school for an education.
My class sizes are good. I am in the Dance Magnet program, so I like being around others who love Dance. My teachers are willing to work with us to make sure we get good grades. I would recommend the Dance program to others who want to do Dance after high school, or even just to learn more about it.
NNPS is underrated! They have excellent teaching staff, administrators, and youth development programs....they care about their students and families!
I was a part of Newport News public schools for all of my pre-college career. I was always very impressed with the education I received. There were some places that could have been improved, but I was aways satisfied.
I did not have to many issues at all with my time here. The teachers were involved with me and there when I needed extra assistance. The buildings where kept clean and safe. I would recommend this district to others with out hesitation.
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While attending Newport News Public Schools, I have developed skills in time management, organization, and decision making. The instructors helped me stay focused, along with my determination to succeed. Tutoring sessions were always at my disposal. The teachers pushed me to reach my full potential and had high expectations of me. Newport News Public Schools had many interesting extracurricular activities available for students to partake in. I enjoyed DECA, the Student Council Association (SCA), and the recycling club. Something that I believe could be improved in the Newport News school system is the food served at lunch. Students should be given a broader spectrum of choices in the cafeteria. In conclusion, I feel as if Newport News Public Schools provided me with a great high school experience.
I like that NNPS is making an effort to better the academic experience by creating more organizations and making students aware of real-world events. I do not favor the overcrowding of the schools and the emphasis on athletic participation.
My experience at Newport News City schools was different from what i grew up from. They have various programs and opportunities, but community wise is kind of the same as everywhere else, you just have to fit in where you fit in best.
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