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Newport-Mesa Unified School District Reviews

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As a student, I'd say that my experience with the NMUSD has been decent so far. I love that my school is so diverse, not something that many other schools can say. The staff are mostly helpful and the teachers–at least, the ones I've had–have been incredibly supportive and encouraging. However, I wish that my school put a bigger emphasis on protecting our environment. We place great value on our academics, athletics, and counseling, however we seem to have let go of our environmental efforts. We no longer have a recycling program, which I believe is unacceptable, as students often have papers and plastic water bottles to dispose of throughout the schooldays. Also, I would like to see more fairness between classrooms, like every teacher having AC.
Newport Mesa is a good district who tried to always take care of the students and provide us with a great education. I have been in this school district since I started school up until now. I am grateful and thankful for the resources they have provided me with these past years. My siblings are also in the same district from me and through them, I am seeing how the district keeps progressing.
I believe Newport-Mesa has done an excellent job preparing me as a student for university and other career options. If you have initiative, the district has the resources available to make your passions a reality.
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I personally feel that this is a great environment for any student trying to get a good education in the city of Costa Mesa.
This school year was my first in the Newport-Mesa School district and I am so grateful that I changed districts. My high school is a smaller school compared to the others and I love it. There is a the students all know each other and are kind to each other and the teachers are more dedicated to the students education than any other set of teachers I have ever had. Amazing school district!
Newport-Mesa Unified School District has a lot of interesting classes. The teachers are very friendly, nice, and great. I'm looking forward for more medical classes that student can take.
NMUSD is an okay district. The staff is great and friendly. However, this district begins school too late and gets out of school too late. Furthermore, some schools are underfunded (Costa Mesa High School).
My experience with the district overall has been amazing. They always had someone in line to help the students and the schools in anything they need. I love how they always recognize those students who work hard and deserve. The district is equal and doesn't treat anyone different, they treat everyone the same. The NMUSD is amazing and I am very grateful because they made my school years a memorable one.
I started to attend school in the Newport Mesa unified school district my senior year of high school. Everybody I came in contact with were so nice and the teachers were very professional.
The district is very diverse and offers many opportunities but I have come across many bad teachers.
Change can be a good thing for Newport Mesa Unified School district. The diversity through Estancia High School can be said to be decent, but as you visit other school campus it fails to even become average. The sports financial income is very poor. Many sports receive more support then others and that brings a negative impact for the other sports. Not to mention the food served at schools. Many students enjoy pizza out of school then the one served in school. As pizza can be served very cold, thin and hard. While the other nutrients given at school are very poor as well.
This school district is very invested in its schools and their students. The teachers are highly qualified and care about their students. This school district is very focused on college readiness as well as student safety and well being.
The teachers have always been helpful and are passionate to teach the students. They help student engage in the curriculum and always give it their best to make a difference in the students life.
I did not have the best experience with this school district. Many times the teachers seemed disinterested in working to help kids that had academic problems. They would instantly assume that a kid who wasn't doing good was a "bad kid." I would like to see an increase in their awareness for kids struggling with difficulties at home.
Newport-Mesa Unified School District is a great school district. I would highly recommend it for all of the great staff at various schools as well as for the high quality of education.
As a former employee of the Newport Mesa School District I can tell you firsthand that this school district strongly urged their students to pursue extracurricular activities such as drama club, sports and art. The children were very well-mannered and a joy to work with. The only change that I would like to see is in extreme weather conditions that they would have specific shelter to stay in instead of getting shuffled to various buildings/classrooms.
I was an active student athlete in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. Being a very disciplined student as well as athlete was able to experience more than the average student.
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Newport-Mesa Unified School District is a place that allows you to succeed in ways you never thought you could. The staff is incredible, the students are welcoming for most part, and the the education is one of a kind! Could not have been more thankful for have grown into the person I am at NMUSD!
Newport-Mesa Unified School District is a great district for the teens of Costa Mesa. The district is convenient and helpful, the staff is approachable and always there to help. Overall, my experiences with the district has been pleasant and efficient.
NMUSD is one of the best school districts. They truly care about the students and want the best teachers for them and try the most amazing ways to get students involved.
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