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The only thing that I would like to see change is to focus more on the education aspect than worrying about what the students do every second of the day.
I love going to Newmarket High School. The teachers help me out whenever I need it. I have so many friends. We are going to be starting an expensive renovation soon. Just because the school is small and not up to code does not mean we are horrible. We stand together as a team and push through troubles as a family. Go Mules!
I have been at Newmarket since elementary school and it has been a great experience. The teachers are always involved with the students and are always there to help you if you need. Our school is a community within itself who truely care about each other. The school offers lots of different opportunities for only being a public school and these opportunities have let me strive.
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Newmarket High School (NHS) is a really good school. A lot of the teachers really care about the kids. I feel that NHS has been a great school for my classmates and me. The courses are challenging and the teachers are always available for help when needed.
School system is overall highly inefficient, with nepotism and an abhorrence to change characteristic features; a very supportive and close-knit community to those recognized as part of said community, but can be rather unwelcoming, even hostile, to outsiders or nonconformist individuals.
I like how all types of scholarships show up for whatever school you link to. All the scholarships are fairly easy to apply to and are great!
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