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Newman International Academy of Arlington Reviews

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I believe Newman has a genuine heart to serve students, parents, and the community. However, I think they fall short overall. Seem to make alot of promises when you apply but then cannot follow through with them. Would prefer open, honest dialog so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is the best environment for your student.
Newman International Academy is renown for its average quality by most students when it comes to food. Though it may have its downfalls its culture is very good and continues to be a working progress. The school is still in its blooming ages and need more time to develop because most schools need to start from somewhere. Most of the teachers at Newman can relate to the students and can encourage them to do better in their classes. Overall it is presumptuous to see Newman as an extremely incredible school given the amount of time it has had to progress.
Newman is a growing school that focuses on implementing values into students' everyday lives. Of course, there is room for improvement, but the administration strives to form well rounded individuals for the real world.
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The teachers who work there really get to know you since there is such a small student to teacher ratio, and they are really fun and caring. However, policing around the school is so disorganized, while one child is getting in trouble for there short socks- I can simply walk off campus and buy an entire fish.
Classes are very small, so very student gets the attention desired! Disrespect and bullying has zero tolerance. Administration & faculty are very kind and stay attentive with each individual. The environment is very diverse, which is excellent!
Newman International Academy is a small school. Attending this school means getting to know your teachers and learning about character development. A few things I would like to see change is more change by student government and more opportunities for extracurricular activities.
My time at Newman has been fun. Sure it wasn't the absolute best, but I would not have it any other way. No school is perfect and Newman isn't that bad of a school. It would be better if we pushed harder on academics and taught more a variety of things.
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