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Very friendly group of people. Strong sense of community and the staff does a lot for the students. I'm glad to have met so many caring people and I can't imagine it an other way. Easy going high school experience.
I transferred to newfield high this year as an incoming senior and I was very nervous that I would not fit in and I would have left my friends at my old school for nothing. However, newfield welcomed me in with open arms and I have settled in quite nicely. The teachers are very nice and the are always willing to help the students when we ask. One thing I would like to change about newfield is that I would like to see the staff get more recognition especially our guidance counselor mr. P. He always goes out of his way to help the student succeed.
Well, Newfield is an extremely small school. But I honestly love it.. The teachers know each and every one of you. And genuinely care about everyone.. Newfield is a place where I would want my kids to go.. The teachers are all great, and truly know their subjects that they are teaching. It's a place where I and many other students feel safe and enjoy going. The staff, is the best part about Newfield. Each and every teacher does their absolute best to see each student succeed, and most kids do. And that's why I love Newfield.
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I have had the opportunity of belonging as a student in this district since nursery school. I have always felt like i belong at this school. If I have ever struggled with some thing that I didnt understand the staff was always more than happy to help. The students that are in this school district , much like myself, have been there since they started school. This school district to me is the perfect fit . If i had to choose what it meant to me in a word, the word would be home. Everybody there is just so welcoming. the only thing that i would like to see change in the district is the food served in the cafeteria.
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