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Newell-Fonda Community School District Reviews

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I loved the small town feeling and that I could go through the halls knowing everyone's names. I also liked that students are treated more as adults than students to ensure meeting maximum potential. Do feel that the teachers need to be a little harder on students to ensure they are prepared for the future.
Good teachers who care about students, able to take college level coursework. The band and drama departments involve many students who might not be involved in other activities. A bit too much emphasis on sports--more academic focus and clubs would be beneficial for students.
Newell-Fonda has an amazing academic program along with an athletic program. The teachers are very friendly and extremely supportive. Newell-Fonda is an amazing place to get your education.
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Sports and athletically minded school. Other activities include band, chorus, drama and speech. Small class-sizes, good teachers, nice facilities for the middle and high school. Elementary areas are dated.
Newell Fonda has been a pretty good place to go to school at. Teachers there like to help their students. There are only a few problems I have encountered while attending. One of the problems I faced was that there is some favoritism with students. The school tends to let kids that are in football and other sports get away with certain things that normal kids cannot. There are also some staff members that like football so much their judgment is clouded. Besides those errors, Newell Fonda is the good place to go to school. We have our own track and field. We get our laptops at the beginning of the year that we can take home. When a student reaches the 7th grade you are able to take the laptops home. At the end of the year, you just turn them in.
I would like to see more equal treatment for students who are not involved in athletics. Too much emphasis is based on athletics and student athletes tend to get favoritism.
I am extremely satisfied thus far with my experience at Newell-Fonda CSD. The school has been adding a significant amount of new buildings and facilities in the past several years, and they have all advanced the school in different ways. Our superintendent is very caring, and he bends over backward to make sure that everyone is receiving the best conditions possible for success. The general feel of the school is very positive, as well. Being a small school gives everyone the chance to get to know one another. We all say hello to each other in the hallways, and if someone is going through a rough time, they can be assured that there are at least one hundred other students there to encourage them and have their back. I don't think a lot of schools can say that. Overall, I can say with confidence that Newell-Fonda has sufficiently prepared me for the future, and I will forever be thankful for that. Go Mustangs!
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