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I love my school and all the teachers in it. My 3 years experience and going on 4 this year at Newcastle high school has improved each year. We have a time set out 30 minutes one day a week to go see any teacher we need help from or it’s a home to join fellow classmates in prepping for clubs. All the teachers get along really well and no teacher sits back and watches their students fail. I also really like having student ID badges because it makes me feel safer however I wish we had two officers on duty and not just one. We have a problem with students vaping on school grounds and some more eyes would never hurt. On this first day of school we watched a video warning us of the dangers of inhaling what a vape contains within it. I hope they bring us together in an assembly several times a year to warn everyone the dangers of the many things kids might be taking part in within their free time.
Good athletic facilities, great teachers, good selection of course offerings. Small class sizes, individual attention when needed.
I attended Newcastle for twelve years and never felt the urge to leave. Newcastle is a smaller school. Everybody knows everybody so it is easy to have a lot of friends. Newcastle is very fun and the teachers like to keep the students involved. If I could change one thing it would be school spirit. The school spirit I wish would have been better. That is something that the students have to be willing to change though. Overall, I would recommend Newcastle Public Schools to any family that is thinking about attending. Newcastle is an awesome town to live in, and an awesome school to go to.
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One of my favorite things about Newcastle is the Student Council. I've been a member of Stuco for 4 years and I am now an officer. I think we have a great group of people working to make our school better and continuing to improve the experience for all the students. We plan the assemblies as well as various other activities.
It’s a GREAT school. It’s a very active town and there’s always an event going on. Personally I’m a senior, & the school really is an excellent place to be. I LOVE going everyday! The teachers treat you as if your their own child! I don’t wanna leave :(
I have been at this school for 13 years and i am proud to be a student there . It makes me feel safe everyday i walk into the building. The school makes me feel comfortable and I enjoy it.
I love being in this district!. This community is very welcoming and I enjoy going to school during the 4 day week that we have. All teachers and peers are incredibly nice. If you are moving to Oklahoma I recommend moving to this area! The staff at all schools are very helpful and very resourceful.
I love the teachers and other staff at Newcastle Public Schools. However, I feel as if certain organizations are favored over others.
I love the people and teachers at Newcastle. I would like to see better academics and more college readiness.
Newcastle is a great place for children. The four day school week has proven to be effective in gaining and retaining quality educators and the students are more engaged than when we were a five day district.
Teachers are kind and classes pretty easy. Fun small school with pretty alright kids. Feels like a big family always doing something
We are a very involved school. The teachers work very hard to help the students, we are involved in activities that to me helps us all bond as a whole. We are a number one school. Sports is a big thing here. But it's a great school.
Newcastle Public Schools is a small campus where you receive individualized attention. It is located in central Oklahoma and it is near many other large cities. It is a school in which everybody knows each other and it is very close and supportive.
The school is small and the people you go to school with for the most part have been with you since Pre-K. This gives you the feeling of family more than friendship and you can create better relationships with the teachers as well because they have less total students and they can get to know you better on a personal level
My experience at Newcastle High School was the worst I had ever had. Even before my first day attending the school I felt unwelcome thanks to the receptionist registering me. As soon as school had started I realized the school was more worried about how many hours I worked after school instead of the freshmen on meth. This school is more focused on keeping kids as mindless zombies than encouraging them to be unique and creative.
They have loving teachers. I wish to see more care about the arts and robotics programs from the administration.
Like most schools they need to be supported by our government to provide the best opportunities with the best teachers.
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I would like to see more opportunities for growth in the clubs and organizations aspect at Newcastle. I would also like to see more courses to better prepare students for college and encourage more students to enroll in college.
I found that Newcastle has been graded A+ in its recent history. They cover the grades pk-12. Newcastle is a smaller town with a classification ranging from 3a-4a. The community is very involved in the well-being of the school and students. Teachers create one on one classroom discussion due to the lower class numbers. This also helps with behavior issues also. Most of the Teachers have a full heart for the town and their students. Newcastle is surrounded by great athletes and academics. Newcastle has great programs for each grade level. The district just changed into a four-day work and school week. This has seen to be both negative and positive. Its negative due to less lime spent in the classroom but positive due to the students can find jobs and be earning money.
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