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Newburyport Public Schools Reviews

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Happy with the entire K-12 school experience for my kids. Excellent theater and music experiences in both middle and high school. The new superintendent is hands on in trying to understanding and see the perspective of the student. New High school principal is very active in the school environment and cares.
I loved this school system, the teachers were awesome as well as the kids and other staff! The classes were always well thought out and planned. There was also always someone to go to if you need help!
Newburyport High School is what you'd expect from a white, upper-class, suburban high school. The high school is average but lacks in diversity.
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needs more diversity, new administration principal and superintendent. But class size is good, courses are challenging, a little too much emphasis on sports, not enough on Arts and Music
My experience with Newburyport high school has been a great experience. Its where I met all of my close friends and got to learn everything I know today. This school gave me opportunities to try new things, meet new people, and travel around to find my place. I feel ready and prepared for my next path and I'm exited to use what I've learned in the outside world. Going to this school has given be the opportunity to find what I'm interested to study in college and also what my other passions are that I can pursue as my hobbies.
My experience at Newburyport High has been great! The staff are all very friendly and strive to make sure you succeed!
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