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NESCD is a diverse and large district. They offer 3 high schools to accommodate the large population along with middle schools, elementary schools, and pre-k programs. Every school has its own autonomy and subculture such as mascots etc. but it also tries to implement all of the district's policies and initiatives. The district's programs far exceed other programs and districts in the area. I like that you can see where the funds are being allocated. Larger schools have larger class sizes but Honors and AP classes are smaller.
The Newburgh City School District is a very large school district with over 700 students per graduating class. One aspect of the school district was the diversity. Students ranging from being African American, to Hispanic, to Asian. There was a little taste of everything. I feel this is very important to education as it gives a deeper insight to how the real world actually is. Everyone will already be used to seeing all types of people, no matter their race, skin color, or sexual orientation. None of this will be foreign, as the students have already experienced it at a young age.
The newburgh school district has been decent for as long as i can remember. The thing is though, with the constantly changing education system, the introduction and implantation of common core, amongst other education choices, has made the district seem in a state of uncertainty
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I've lived in Newburgh for about a third of my life this place is quite beautiful but gives poor education and safely for students. Through out my time living here I've been bullied, failed classes, and felt unsafe. Many students have become illiterate due to uncaring teachers and their environment. When I was in the fifth grade I did not know how to read and comprehend my reading. However, I have no learning disability, student in the area are treated as if they are a number, as if nothing matters but the score on tests. Many students have complained and given information on how they feel about their environment. As well as how they are being taught, but authority take it as if it is the student who has the issue. Not taking it into annotative that the adult they hired is unclassified to teach young adults. For how I would change this system is by giving help to the students who need it not just tossing them to a side as if they are nothing.
This school has a great ARTS program, dance, chorus, theater. The teachers are very dedicated, caring & work hard at making sure students reach beyond their capabilities
At NFA I had an amazing time to get to meet new friends and I believe it's the people that make the school so interesting. Most teachers are very fun to work with. I never really got into sports but the reputation for them have definitely been all but great. My school was Newburgh Free Academy North Campus which was much smaller than the Main Campus and offered Nursing and Law Enforcement electives, which is what I went there for. If I had to change NFA it would be there academics. I would suggest to add more useful subjects and make them mandatory. Classes like Self Defense, Standard Living, "REAL" Economics that involve paying bills and taxes that we all eventually deal with either aren't mandatory or just aren't an option. Students should start learning important stuff like this so they can be ready for independent life. Overall, NFA is an amazing school but classes we are forced to take like "government" are not going to help us sustain ourselves when we are on our own.
My experience in Newburgh school district has been remarkable. I’ve made many new friends and I’ve built connections with many teachers. Most of the teachers that I’ve had, are caring and always want their students to be the very best they can be. Newburgh school district has renovated into a better district. The administrators seek to make it one of the best.
It is a diverse environment with many programs and opportunities to succeed as a student. It has a urban and suburban vibe in a beautiful location near the Hudson River.
People often discredit Newburgh but it is a good school if you really apply yourself and push for the best. This teaches the student a good work ethic in order to prevail. Most teachers are very accepting and will become invested in a student's academic life. They always want to see the best for their students and never fail to show it.
Got the opportunity to obtain a security certificate before graduation and was guided into a career path that was best for me despite the difficulty of choosing one
The approach to education is decent but funding is lacking everywhere except the athletic department. Also unless you complain about an issue like bullying multiple times they won’t even look into it and even when they do they will usually come up with some excuse for the other kid like ”Oh they’re a good student who’s never acted out before are you sure it’s them who’s harassing you on a daily basis and not someone else”
I recently graduated Newburgh Free academy North Campus, and I can say that I had good and bad times in there. I was able to meet wonderfuul people and wonderful coaches the only problem that I ever had with is through out my elementary school and middle school my school has always been underfunded. We can barely afford to go on trips and get supplies for my community.
NECSD is the most diverse school system I have ever seen. The district is working hard to improve conditions throughout all of the schools. The administration in the high school made students feel rather elementary, but with the help of strong-willed students, that will soon change. I would like to see better food in the schools. Healthier food. Serving sugar-filled cereal bars to students for breakfast at 7 am is not healthy. I really want that to change.
I appreciated the support from teachers and staff to never give up. Although diversity was a huge thing, sports only brought us closer together. If there was one thing I could see changed, it would be the schools safety. The last year I was there (2008) the school started using metal detectors.
The Newburgh city school district has encouraging faculty and staff and ambitious students, for the most part. For change I would like to see opportunity for voice from students.
The school allowed the freedom to apply for the desired classes with many teachers educated in their field. The guidance counselors help the student progress through their high school education. What I would like to have changed in the school is the scheduling of lunches for students. Some students do not have enough periods to have a period for eating.
My experience in NECSD is very good, since this is my first time being in this district. The teachers I have are very good/ excellent and very comfortable to talk to with any problems or concerns you may have in the class. The lunch is ok. Also, the shows that the school put on every year are amazing and talented.
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Highschool experience was manageable, I was content with most of their teacher staff and their willingness to help me through the courses. Since the school almost always struggles with budgeting the lunch would be a little pricey sometimes if you didn’t approve to have free lunch and some classes were cut especially in the arts department and it was never so consistent unfortunately. But most of the staff tried their best possible, especially my counselour, to get me to where I am now despite the challenges and hardships.
My experience with the Newburgh City School District has been great because I really like the clubs ad activities that they provide for the kids such as the Criminal Justice program that I am in. When I finish the program I will get a security certificate. I think the School District is fine how it is I don't want to see any changes.
As a senior at Newburgh Free Academy and attending for 4 years I can proudly say that I have learned and gained so much from the staff and teachers. At Newburgh Free Academy they have so much to offer the students. We have many classes, programs, and clubs for students to get ready for their future. From cosmetology to auto mechanics students will get ready for the work field based on their interests. Newburgh Free Academy has helped me for my future.
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