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Newberry County School District Reviews

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Friendly and helpful staff. They truly do their best to make your college career all that you have dreamed of.
There is no change here. The favorite parents' kids are treated better. Some teachers are not like that but most are.
I loved growing up in Newberry County and attending Newberry County School District. If I was to change anything, I would say an advancement in the lesson plans that would further engage the students to learn.
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My experience with Newberry County School Districts has been relatively well. My favorite part of the district is all the schools sports programs! I have enjoyed all the sports they have offered me to play. I have also enjoyed the friendly rivalry competition within the high schools throughout our district! I have also received a good education. I have enjoyed all the academic opportunities that the district has given me. Being able to participate in Dual Enrollment classes through our local community college has been a great experience before attending a four year college next year! The one thing I would suggest the district to improve is pushing students harder and offering a wider variety of AP classes.
I am a current student in the Newberry county School District. I love the schools and the teachers. There is not one thing that i would change about this district.
Newberry has difficulty recruiting quality teachers most are fresh out of college and have trouble contolli g students. The students are given too much freedom in some instances.
There are many graeat thing about this school. Some teachers do care about their students, some dont even care they just give them work and expect the students to figure it out by themselves. The ones that do care, help students out and make sure that everyone in their class understands what the teacher is talking about. The attention needed to the students that want to learn is given. The food is alright but not that great. Overall, its good.
The Newberry County School District is wonderful! The Teachers and administrators have given me an incredible learning experience from elementary school all the way up to my Senior year of high school. They recognize their students for their outstanding performances and achievements while pushing them to continue on that same track to only advance up and do better. The District's education standards are also very helpful in preparing its students for college, with classes being taught by some of the best teachers available. Overall my experience at The Newberry County School District as really been incredible, its an experience I will never forget and i'll never forget what they've helped me achieve.
Most of the teachers want their students to succeed and are willing to help them in any way possible. However, I was not very prepared for college while I was a student in this district.
Going to a Newberry County school all my life, I have had so many opportunities. I come from the districts only community school and it is fantastic. The staff works so well with the administrators and both the Superintendent and Vice Superintendent came from being principals at my school. The education and people are amazing and I hope my children will be raised in a society like this one.
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