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good school, but should be more organized when it comes to spending money and providing more programs to help kids become more college ready.
There is only a handful of teachers who really care about being a great teacher and put effort into building a relationship with the students. Those teachers are amazing but there is a good amount that you can tell this is just a job and have given up. Students needs need to come first and the teachers should want to help then excel.
It was a pretty good school with great and caring teachers. The atmosphere was pretty good, just had some problems with the facilities and resources.
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C.S.Lewis Academy is a great school for developing relationships. Every day is a joyful praise there. It is much more than education; it is continuing personal relationships with class mates and teachers.
What I liked about Newberg High School was the teachers and how they interacted with their students. I had a really good 4 years at Newberg High and my last two years were the best. Thanks to the staff and my friends there.
This isn’t a good High School if you like consistency. Freshman year (‘14-15) was divided into 4 small schools, sophomore year was changed into one large school, junior year we got a new principal and new rules, and this year advisory was taken out and we got a new schedule completely. Not having an advisory made out the checking out process for graduation more difficult than it should have been, and made our questions harder to answer because we didn’t have a set class to discuss questions revolving around careers or college applications. Before we had 4 periods a day with an A, B schedule and it was changed this year to 7 periods. & I could go on and on..
George Fox University is the main attraction of Newberg which has a good influence throughout the area, including on high school students. The Christian majority of the area is evident however diversity doesn't seem to be resisted in a way that might be expected.
I was new to the district my sophomore year of high school and the school is so excepting and welcoming.
I go to a small Christian private Agricultural school called Country Faith Christian Academy. this school was started 5 years ago and I am one of the original students. There is nothing I would change about my school as it discourages bullying and does not tolerate drug or alcohol abuse or usage.
Newberg High school has some great things to offer but it is easy to get lost. It has plenty of resources such as a student resource room and a variety of AP classes. But administrators are not making a push to get the students to take advantage of all the resources.
It was really rocky. Mainly during elementary and middle school but high school had been smooth sailing.
Overall my experience was ok. When I was there they were going through a lot of changes and my year got pushed around to the point of being apathetic. I suppose every school has its teachers leave and new ones come in somewhat regularly, the teachers that did stick around made things better. The administration on the otherhand were coming and going every year so none of them had a chance to get to know us and that made it hard to make connections with any of them. I would have liked to not have as many changes in my 4 years there but at least I had an ok experience.
It was a great atmosphere. I made close friendships with students as well as teacher throughout my years in this district.
During my time at Newberg, we had a small school system which was great. The teachers were college- oriented and ready to help! However, since my time there, all but two of my favorite teachers are still teaching there and the small school system is no longer in place.
My experience at Newberg High School overall was pretty good, which is mainly due to the the many caring teachers and staff I worked with who took the time to invest and care about my well-being, even when I struggled with health issues during my senior year. Despite this difficulty, enough teachers and staff worked hard to help make sure I still graduated.
The past four years at Newberg High School have been filled with countless wonderful opportunities. I've grown stronger as a character in many aspects such as leadership, communication, and work ethic. The teachers have assisted me during the process of understanding homework and tests. They've stayed after countless hours to provide the greatest opportunities for excellent grades. The Newberg School District has equipped me with essential resources and has created an organized pathway for my future.
My experience is alright with this school district. They don't really go above and beyond. The student parking lot needs more spaces.
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I grew up in Newberg, and attended school from K-12 in the school district of Newberg. Newberg's school district is great to the students, teachers, and parents. The school district offers programs within school hours, and outside of school hours for the benefit of the students.
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