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Newark Valley Central School District Reviews

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Most teachers are very good, kids are extremely annoying and the school is in the middle of nowhere.
The Teachers are great and it’s a nice little school. Not diverse at all and there a lot of scummy red necks. Have lots of college credit classes. I feel the best part about the school is honestly the teachers. They do such an amazing job and also the athletic program are good
Newark Valley Schools are very small in a closely knit community. There isn't much of a bother with the faculty or the administration but with the students themselves. I mostly enjoyed my time at Newark Valley.
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Newark valley is a small rural community, in upstate NY. It is 99% white and very socioeconomically challenged. Most of the kids do not go to college. The teachers try but the opportunity just isn't there and neither is parental involvement.
I loved how they offered a variety of college courses. This has really helped me in the long run! Thank you!
The programs are amazing but I think there needs to be more leadership opportunities. There also should be more college credit courses to really get a head of the game. Sports should not be emphasized as much. When it comes to awards, more academic awards should be given out instead of sports.
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