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Newark Unified School District Reviews

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My experience with this school district was well. There are a lot of supportive teachers. If you show that you want to do well they will help you. The consolers help you a lot as well same with the on-site therapist but the administration could use a change. Most of them seem bothered when you have questions for them.
With my experience at Newark Memorial High School, overall, it is a great high school. Most, if not all, staff members and teachers will most definitely be there for you and will do their best for you to succeed. There are times where you feel like giving up and you’re emotionally wrecked, there is a counselor who helps many students with beings related to this. I play basketball, it’s honestly the best. You get to meet new people who become your teammates, your friends and FAMILY. Overall, students at this school work very hard & believe in themselves.
Newark school District is very unorganized, they don’t seem to get along themselves and have their stuff organized which affects the kids learning. Always short on teachers
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I was apart of the Newark Unified School district from kindergarten to my senior year of high school. My overall experience went pretty well, especially in elementary school and middle school. Although when I went to high school, we went through about 3 different school principle changes through my 4 years there. In fact, pretty much my whole senior year we didn't even have a principle at the school. Despite the lack of administration, I loved high school at Newark. The diversity was great and the activities were super fun; especially homecoming. The sports programs at Newark are truly great and the coaches are great too.
There isn’t much support being given as a student and not a lot of teachers care whether or not you’re really grasping the material they are teaching. The learning environment is not nature at all and did not prepare me well enough for my future.
Newark seems as if it continues to decline, I did not have the best experience and can say the same for many of my peers. While my time spent there could have been worse, great teachers left me willing to stay in the district.
I've just been really busy this school year with college applications and testing. Luckily, I was able to get amazing teachers this year. They are making this stressful year more tolerable. I am disappointed by my school's inability to adequately help its students in the college application process, especially for first-generation students. Otherwise, I am having a pretty good senior year so far.
Great sports program and the students are great, but I fell that I cannot voice my opinion without being judged by my peers, but also my teachers. Overall I feel as if my teachers don't care. because at the end of the day, they still get their money.
Staff is great. Good diversity in alumni. My dd has been going to t-k through 1st grade here. I'm hoping they add anotger high school and jr. High since they keep building houses and not any schools.
As a student what I liked about Newark Unified School District is that they always have someone to answer your questions or help you out with anything.
I liked how organized the school district is. The teachers that work in this school district are well qualified to teach the students. The lunch served to students could be improved
I was a student of the Newark Unified School District back from Elementary School up until high school graduation. The amount of resources that this district offers is dwindling, yet they are painting their building and reenforcing their gates. The high school Career Center offers little to no help to students who are unaware how to take the first steps into a higher learning. I am a firm believer that placing the proper educational tools and resources is ALWAYS NUMBER ONE, everything else falls behind that. The paint can peel, the fences may fall but if you give the students the right books, help and guidance the district will succeed.
It was a comfortable place to go to school, and was fairly easy. The art and sport programs are great and the majority of the teachers are wonderful.
Some teachers really care and want to see us succeed, others give me such anxiety. Overall everyone is extremely helpful and most of the time nice. I feel welcomed and have only had some negative experiences.
As a former student of the Newark Unified school district, I have experienced many different experiences. For the most part, my experiences were pleasent but there were times in which I thought the district could be doing more to benefit the students and staff. I also feel as if the district needs to do more to encourage and help their minority students. there were many instances in which I felt I was at a disadvantage as a student due to my ethnicity and economic status. nonetheless, I had many well qualified and supportive teachers that helped and encouraged me along the way.
From the 13 years I've spent in the Newark Unified School District, I must say that I feel indifferent about this district. My experience here wasn't good nor was it bad. The only thing I would say makes up the lows of this district is the lack of funding, especially in Newark Memorial High School. The funding could be used to fix the concrete inside the campus as well as the issues that come with each classroom. These may include fixing ceilings and properly taking care of the infestation of rodents and cockroaches in these buildings. Looking at the brighter side of things, I would say the best part about this district are the teachers. The majority of the teachers here are more than willing to help students reach their academic goal. Teachers here act as mentors to the students and even as friends in times of need.
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