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Upon my departure from high school, I can say that I have benefited greatly from Newark Public Schools. As a Arts HIgh School senior, I can say that there was variety of people who have motivated me.
As a senior at arts high my experience with newark public school is that there could be more involvement with parents, students, and practically anyone who wants to help the school system. It would be butter if issues at school or with the district was more aware of problems and dealt with at a sufficient time.
Newark Public Schools generally gets hate but i feel that it is not the bad. Academics is for those who persevere to learn more is what I have learned to succeed. Those who are lazy don't get it. It's the cruel reality that it is all about ambition or merit. People who complain more are those that lack knowledge or complaining is there resort.
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I like that there are various opportunities for students, although it would be nice that there be more after school help for college readiness. The teachers are easy to communicate with which helps when it comes to understanding any lesson.
When I was in middle school, I was bum-barged with essays and things like that, but it made me a better writer. The only thing is, the state testing is terrible. We went from NJASK to PARCC. PARCC was terrible and wasn't made for students to pass. I took that up to high school where things didn't get easier. Things got worse, students were forced to do things that had nothing to do with the curriculum. It was very unorganized, there was a point of time when there was a substitue, who knew nothing about the class, was teaching the class French 1. We were in French 2.
It was okay. The community is kind of ghetto but not too much and you get use to it. Education is not an issue for those who actually try and strive to pass.
My school district has the potential to be one of the best school districts in New Jersey but falls short due to the amount of schooling at each high school. Lack of teachers and money to fund students needs in order to excel to great heights.
I would like if the student's suggestions on how to make the school a better place were taken seriously. Students need more input on what happens in the school, especially because they experience firsthand the school, they recognize all the problems that happen socially. This input should be considered seriously.
The Newark public school is a reliable school for students in terms of academic my experience is bad student making noise in class whiles lecturing is going the diversity. Other student calling Pupils like me African instead of being called by my name. Most of all eating bad food in school. So far I love my school because of our Principle Hollis he is trying his best to make student have a better experience in school and trying to make every student have a better life experience in the school.
The Newark Public school offers a lot of opportunities for students and parents. The education is good. Teachers listen attentively to students. Administration include principals are the best
I’m a senior at central high school which is in Newark. I love that school. They treat the students and everyone there like family. I feel safe there. And I can actually say I’m learning something at that school
Personally, in my school, there is a lack of resources: newfound textbooks, technological devices, printer ink, etc. Textbooks are extremely old and sometimes hard to follow up on. In the library, sometimes there is no ink. Sometimes the teachers have to buy paper, pencils, etc for their own classroom when NPS doesn't provide them with it. The education is terrible for average students, so that they aren't encouraged to even try to learn. The teachers really only care about its AP students. In the administration, there are mainly males, thus there isn't any diversity there.
I recently graduated from University High School in Newark this last spring. A lot of the teachers do care about your education but there's lots of kids who don't care. The reason why we aren't well prepared for college is because most kids in most NPS schools are last and don't want to work, if they fail the teacher is actually forced to make it easier on us. I was in a math class my senior year with seniors and juniors and ⅓ was passing with high 90s but because ⅔ the class wasn't passing the teacher had us work off of edgenuity(online class). In this online class most student copied off each other in front of the teacher. We weren't 100 % prepared for college math and much less college English. Thought my 4 years of high school I have only written 2 essays and had no idea what MLA format was up until college. I believe everyone at my college knew what MLA format was except the kids that came from my high school and I still wasn't able to build an essay.
My overall experience at Newark public schools was honestly the best , during my k-12 I received the right education I needed and all of my credits to graduate each year I met some incredible teachers. The only I dislike is that most of the buildings are extremely old
The Newark public schools has been a up and down experience for me there are some days when I hate the Newark public schools of and then it be other days when I love it. But what I realized is the Newark public schools have schools that are very different from one another some schools there are a lot of violence and the teaching is not good at all but some schools are the complete opposite. Some schools the teachers care about your education and everyone is positive and is not trouble .

Overall on how I feel about the Newark public schools I love it. I love how there is so much diversity and how u can learn from your peers. There is also tons of opportunities the Newark public schools gives high school students. But what I want changed in the Newark public schools is the teachers we need teachers who care about our benefit. We also need a safer school atmosphere to keep all students safe.
Growing up in the Newark Public Schools basically from attending Ann Street School to Technology High School has been quite a ride. I have no issue because all of my teachers have taught me well and put in the right direction of my career, especially Technology High School that has helped me in so many way acadeically. Ive reched some long terms goals as well. Things I would want would provably addin more afterschool clubs or activities that stdents would be open up too or interested.
The Newark Public School is a public school district located in the city of Newark New Jersey . The school district provide parents essential information to help improve educational opportunities for their children. The school district meet the need of parents by offering actionable, research-based parenting information, including articles, videos, podcasts, and interactive tips, to help parents engage with and support their children’s academic and social-emotional development at every grade and stage from Pre -K through 12th grade.The Minority enrollment is 54% (majority Hispanic and Black) and the student:teacher ratio is 12:1.Currently The largest school district is Newark Public School District, serving 35,330 students.
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The school was wonderful. The teachers were very nice help anybody in need. We had a lot of fun outside of class.
It is unfortunate to report and express the disadvantages children who attend Newark Public schools face on a day to day bases. Not only are we extremely behind on curriculum but we are not exposed or taught the subjects needed to excel in college. It doesn’t help that most of our school buildings are old , run down and tearing apart at this very moment. Or the fact that our school lunch would make wild animals run away. The teachers in our facilities are distant and only seem to care about their paycheck rather than seeing their students rise up. We are not provided with the necessities to succeed and because of this we are at a disadvantage.
Many of my teachers cared about their job and about teaching the kids, but I was just really lucky. Most of the teachers outside the ones I saw mostly gave busy work or just never really got into the job. It's why a lot of the students now don't really care about school or see it as an afterthought, and often rebel against it.
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