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Newark City School District Reviews

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Newark High School is a great school, with many opportunities both socially and academically. The teachers are very caring and the facilities are all modern and recently updated.
The teachers we have had throughout the years in Newark have been great for the most part. Regarding curriculum, we'd like to see life skills classes come back (ie. home economics) as well as, more languages offered.
I have loved getting to be a part of a growing school that meets the needs of its students rather than expect the students to meet and be complacent in the school.
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I’ve made some of my best friends I could and the sports and clubs I’ve been involved in have made me connected to my school in unimaginable ways.
As a student, I really liked the community aspect of Newark as a school and a city. Now that I’m in college, however, and have heard other high school kid’ experiences, I wish there were more opportunities for students to excell academically.
I loved how they worked on a specific major that you chose and helped you want to further your knowledge when it came to choosing a college. The teachers and guidance counselors were very helpful.
This is a very poor area, but if you surround yourself with the right people and activities then you will find a competitive and challenging environment to succeed in. While there are many teachers that will be lackluster, there are many hidden gems that will inspire students to be the best versions of themselves. Overall, an excellent School if you make it.
Newark city schools gave me the opportunities to try new sports an meet new people. we also had a program to help guide us along the way with college applications and understanding of what we needed to do.
Newark tries to prepare those who work for it for college. Most teachers are very good and really build relationships with their students.
When I look back on my high school career, I’m really happy and glad for all the memories. I had some really great teachers that made classes fun and I even developed friendships with them. Overall I’m proud to be a wildcat and I’m glad I spent all of my life in Newark City Schools.
I have enjoyed my time in the district for many reasons. First the teachers I have had, helped me become a good student and learn to push my comfort zone to discover my potential. I have also enjoyed my extracurricular activities because they have given me the chance to meet new friends that I would not have met otherwise. I would like to see more student envolvement, for students to have more pride in the great school that we have and enjoy the opportunities the school gives us.
I love the teachers here; and how many of them will go out of their way to help students struggling at any given subject! If I could change something it would be more advocacy for getting involved in clubs/extracurricular activities at the school.
The Newark City School District vitalizes education and preparing students for college. There does however, need to more focus on those students who are not going to college and there needs to be more help and concern for them. The school is a good school to attend, the culture is not amazing, but it is also not terrible. Friendships and clubs can exist, but the typical high school drama still exist. Overall it is a safe and good environment to learn in.
I have been going to Newark City Schools for my whole school career. I have met a lot of great people and I love the staff. I know that if I have a problem I can go right to my teachers and they will help me with anything I need. Our administration is great. They change rules every year to fit around the student body and to make it a safer environment. What I wish the athletes would be less of a popularity contest. They play favorites and it’s not fair to the families who aren’t in touch with the coaches. I would also like the curriculum to change as well. I don’t like how it’s set up in word problems. I find it harder to understand.
I have attended schools in this district K-12. My experience has not been great. I was bullied in middle school and little was done about it. The schools themselves push so many unnecessary rules and regulations that do little to solve any problems within the schools. I was once sent to ISS for a day for getting a drink of water without a pass. The only good part about my experience was the teachers and my experience with the guidance office. They are good people, who passionate about kids, and it reflects I their teaching. Guidance gave me a hand when I had questions about college, and they do their best to keep kids in track to graduation.
I had to put my high school aged children in home school due to them being touched and being passed on with failing grades dues to "No child left behind"
A great place to receive an education. Once you get to high school, the teachers are very involved and the A Call To College program is insanely helpful in the college application process. I am still involved with NCS today as an alum.
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I like the academics because there is a lot if AP courses and enriched classes to take. Also there is a lot of sports and college involvement as well. But I would change some of the food choices.
I would like to see the reconstruction of the public schools rather than shutting them down and opening ones that evidently are just as bad but under different supervision
I liked my school. There are always going to be things they improve on like the curriculum and hours run. I do wish they had more open classrooms like bringing back home economics and financial study classes.
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