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Newark High School has both amazing and horrible teachers. If you work hard and are an exceptional student, you will have all the opportunities that you desire. But an average student will be at a disadvantage. There are club opportunities if you search for them and sports teams are not overly competitive. The technology used at the school is generally outdated.
There really is nothing I like about the district .they allow bullying etc to go on . The only good thing is that I can say is that they give kids free lunch and breakfast
What I like about Newark is there are a lot of teachers who genuinely care about thier students. Teachers teach and help students with their best intentions in mind. As wel las that you can form good relationsips with your teachers and they will always be keeping tabs on your growth throughout the years. What I wish I could change is how inclusive we are of all the people we have in the school. I wish we would try harder to make eveyone feel included despie their personal intrests or afilations with groupd throughout the school.
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Personally my experience in Newark wasn't the best. The classes were okay, but the teaching styles needed a lot of work.

Most students didn't feel motivated to put in the effort we should have to achieve the grades that we could have.
Each Day is different. The music department is amazing. The teachers are great too. Also we have a biomedical course and a gay-straight allience. The students aren't that had but very loud. We offer many programs and colleage courses to those who want to take them. Every teacher is willing to help anyone who ask for it. The sports teams are not really the best but there are many sports to choose from. At the end of the day you can at least say you learned something new.
My experience at Newark Central School District was pretty good. I went to school here from Kindergarten to 12th grade. The elementary schools were very good, and the high school had a wide variety of classes to choose from to help find a path you wanted to go after high school. I was able to take several college courses through the local college flcc which helped me earn college credits while still in high school.
I personally had a great experience going through the school system at Newark. I would like to see more hall monitoring in all school to ensure safety of all students.
I like how motivated the teachers are and that they have a passion for learning. My teachers are always willing to stay and help me with anything extra I am having trouble comprehending. Although are school has had many breaks because of S.E.L.F days and other events that have interrupting a day of learning academics. Also if we had more funding we could get new up to date technology to enhance our learning.
There's a limited number of AP classes available to you and while success is possible from this school, you have to work hard and put in all the work as the vast majority are not ambitious or hard-working. There are many clubs for those of all interests but they're generally small groups.
Both of my children attend Newark schools no issues with academics great preparation for my senior for college with support regarding applications and preparedness
I have been attending Newark CSD since Kindergarten. A majority of the teachers love what they teach and truly care about their students success inside and out of the classroom. However the high school principals do not handle situations in a timely manner. Over the years i have been bullied and have reported the incidents to the school. The response every time is, "We'll get to it", and when the situation has not been looked into by administrated staff for a few days, that's when parents get involved. The Middle and High school does offer AP, Honors and FLCC accredited courses, so students can potentially go into their sophomore year of college right after high school, which is a benefit.
So I've been to six or seven different schools and Newark is one of the best in my opinion. Newark doesn't really have much bullying but when there is, students and teachers stick up for the victim and try to help the bully realize how much it affects someone negatively when you bully them. Newark's school spirit is a great success within the students as well. Almost all students are involved in a club, sport or extra curriculum activity. Our Administration, staff and faculty do all they can to make a great environment for us students. The only thing I would want changed is some of the food items they serve us for lunch. I've personally asked the lunch monitors why we don't have good items and they said our budget limits us to certain foods.
Newark Senior Highschool is one of the best places to be. Great assets of the school include, amazing teachers, many electives, and the continuous promotion of student voice.
Have not had any major problems with the Newark school district. Any minor problems that have occurred were resolved quickly.
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