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New York Mills Union Free School District Reviews

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After my sophomore year of high school, I moved from Central Valley Academy in Ilion, NY, to New York Mills Union Free School District in New York Mills, NY. I was left out by students, teachers, and faculty. I sat in the library alone during my lunch periods and did homework because the students did not accept me. I was an outsider, and they didn't like that I was just as smart and capable as any of them. I was forced to do a 10 week Summer reading assignment in five days because I was not registered at New York Mills until 2 days before the start of school. My guidance counselor fought with me about my decision to do dual enrollment at a local college and my college choices. Recently, my school has done a horrible job teaching and communicating during these unprecedented times of COVID-19. Overall, New York Mills had ruined my high school experience, and I pray that no other student will be subjected to attending this school.
My school is amazing! Teachers here know everyone and how they need to be teaching headed on their students. Everyone knows each other and is always lending a helping hand! We always work very hard but take breaks to have a little fun once in a while. The staff here is amazing and I love all of the teachers I’ve had so far! #NYM strong
There is a good teacher to student ratio and the faculty is very friendly. It is small and you have a good relationship with all students 7-12. It is always clean and I feel very safe at this school. The principals and the teachers care very much about the week beings of each and every student.
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New York Mills Jr./Sr. High School has been my home for almost 13 years. It is a small school which provides for students in grades K-12. I have had the honor of attending a school where all of the faculty and staff are friendly and considerate. Every teacher is qualified and truly cares for his or her students. They accommodate for their students and are optimistic leaders. New York Mills offers a variety of extracurricular activities and academic options, which is impressive for its size. The environment is welcoming and each person feels at home. Of course, there are a few negative aspects to a small school such as the lack of diversity and a low number of athlete participants; however, each student encourages his or her peers to strive for success.
I always feel a part of the school, but we have gotten a new administration 3 years ago and since then, it has been very different.
I have loved being a part of the New York Mills Union Free School District. It is a very small school and that allows for everyone to know everyone, which is good for me. I value close relationships highly and by being part of this small school, its easy to form close bonds with classmates, teachers, and coaches. My teachers and coaches have always been extremely supportive of the students in New York Mills and that allows for a community that is very close knit.
There is a small school feel in a suburban area. Teachers for the most are well liked by students. Major turn around in administration in the last two years so that is hard to rate.
it’s decent school staff are ok. some staff don’t really care and are lazy and just are there to get paid and won’t help you at all. pretty much your on your own, but some staff are there to help.
I would like the board of education to stop pushing their good faculty away. There are constant changes the school, and nobody is willing to try - they only replace and change. It is unfair to the students and the faculty. Similarly, the cafeteria took too long to build and displaced too many teachers and students.
Teachers are great. They don't offer many options for elective classes. I would like to see options that are geared toward being ready for life after school. Example would be business math, teaching how to balance a check and so on.
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