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New York City Geographic District No. 5 Reviews

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I went to a school in district 5 and I enjoyed every moment of it. Although there were times were we did not have enough resources. Basics like pens, paper and pencils. The students made sure to make the best of what we had. The Culture was warming and there was always a discussion about the betterment of the school.
I like the variety of academic and sports activities the area offers to those in the community. Something that can be improved Is student discipline.
District No.5 is very diverse when it comes to minorities. Every minority is somehow represented and High School around these areas tend to take College very serious.
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Harlem Children's Zone claims they are a "family"; They are far from. This company needs better management, better communication, and loyal managers. This place does not value long lasting education. Instead, they value test scores that make the school look good.
There is a very good diversity within this district and academics are up to par. The faculty is also very welcoming and look out for the wellbeing of their students. The only things I would like to change is the availability of resources as well as the quality of school lunches.
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