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New York City Geographic District No. 30 Reviews

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The New York City Geographic District No. 30 is an ordinary district. The community is very loving and caring for their students. The schools in District 30 work hard to fulfill the needs of the children.
I like how secure you feel and how clean the environment is. I wish they can have more food trucks around because the area is kind of empty
District 30 is one of the best places to visit because you get a very welcoming feel. The people there are also very community based in which they value the sculpture parks, the beautiful murals on the walls, and even the two community gardens they've raised. Long Island City High School is a community school so students like us are privileged to go on trips and constantly be aware of our school environment .Being in this community has even inspired me to hopefully move to a similar community where you can get to experience a culture of kindness and respect to our surroundings.
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The safety at my high school's building is very poor. It seems like anyone can just walk in and out of the building! Sometimes around early afternoon, I don't even see a security guard at the desk. Really makes me worried that if someone really tried to sneak in, they can do whatever they want. However overall, my school seems to not at all be short on funds and supplies students and teachers very well. My AP's are even paid for my the school! That's $98 saved per AP!!
It is a respectfully clean area with beautiful sights. It is a friendly environment with many activities to do.
I've been in district 30 since I was in elementary school. When I was younger I went to P.S 234 and had an experience like every other. I now got to W C Bryant High School, where academically I am not always challenged, however we have a lot of clubs and sports. There is an opportunity for any kind of student to shine, and I can respect that.
Smalls schools are good. Students get a personal relationship with the staff. The academics offered were just what I expected. I think my child received a good education as far career goals.
District 30 has a bunch of schools from elementary to high schools all of them have something unique which makes them stand out.
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