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New York City Geographic District No. 3 Reviews

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I have gone to High School in District 3 for the last 4 years. I have had a great academic and creative experience. The commute from my home in Brooklyn has been quite easy.
If I have any criticism, I woud have to say, that programming and programmming changes have made schedules often difficult but this is a typical problem in schools with large student populations. Also, the teachers on the whole are extremely professional and dedicated but as is often the case, the were a very few that had difficulty with their curricum. My particular school is in what I consider a very beautiful part of New York City. My overall experience has been quite positive and memorable.
The Upper West Side is a very safe and easy navigate neighborhood. I go to high school on the Upper West Side.
I cant speak for the entire district, I can only speak to the experience of one school. How can anyone speak to the quality of an entire district?
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In District 3, lies a large educational campus across LaGuardia High School. A tower where you could see five floors expressing five different approaches to enter college. Each student body within each school has a drastically different culture, creating a unique diversity that is hard to attain in New York City. Yet at the same time, it feels large and intimidating, and students there are treated like prisoners going through a scanning machine and the occasional security guards. I would like to see less hostility between students and security, as well as more students learning to respect the neighborhood around them.
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