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New York City Geographic District No. 28 Reviews

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I like that the staff members are very involved in getting every kid into college. In addition, the teachers teach their students very well which is why I put 5 stars for academics. This district is also very diverse. There is a variety of clubs or activities to be a part of. Overall, this district is good.
There’s a very diverse student body at my school that allows for everyone’s voice to be heard. Clubs/Activities could be more expansive! Teachers are extremely friendly and helpful towards students.
They are one of the best science school and care about students safety. They are strong academically but there s no diversity enough to keep a black student content and they should improve the school by adding athletics in their curriculum.
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Very helpful! Effective education system. I am fan of the way the teachers teach. I think their methods are very helpful.
I would like to see the administration changed, they do not look out for the student's safety during school hours. Side doors are left unalarmed allowing anyone to come in and out as they please. Although, the academics is great the safety and administration needs to be taken seriously.
I like how the schools in this district, No. 28, there is a lot of diversity. I would like to see an improvement in the safety department of schools, especially with the bullying between students.
Very diverse culture with public transportation and good schooling. Would recommend if you live in area or close to area otherwise good choice for school or work.
from what I've seen within the new york city geographic district no. 28 they have amazing services and try to be as interactive with the students as they can which plays a big part in the way that they learn
Overall it's a decent district to go to school. Most students are focused, interested in class, and listen attentively. Once in a while there are minor disturbances, none of which are enough to make anyone concerned. The experience is great if both the teacher and the students care in the class.
District 28 Public Schools are very effective and continue to be a neat way for all students to earn a strong education! Nobody will be left out, and everyone will always be considered.
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