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New York City Geographic District No. 20 Reviews

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The curriculum sometimes is not challenging enough. Aside from that, I feel safe in my school both physically and emotionally. School Safety ensures that all students feel physically safe, and the guidance counselors are all very supportive and helpful.
District no.20 has a very nice schooling environment and I would recommend it to many people. The overall environment is very inviting and makes you feel at home
I love how the teachers are so caring are really put the needs of the students before anything else. The education as a whole in this district is excellent and it shows with the performance of the students. The only thing that I would change is the overall cleanliness of the schools.
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What made this school district truly great is all the diversity and the impact it had on all the class discussions and club options. In addition the teachers have a strong will to really help a student. On the other hand, my high school was always having problems with the facilities not functioning or having problems. This created an inconvient and sometimes even distracting environment.
In NYC ,there is a lot of diversity in schools. Everyone, regardless of financial or racial backgrounds is given an equal access to education. Schools make a great effort at accommodating disabled and special needs children as well. Course rigor is also up to standard now as the chancellor has introduced an "AP for all " campaign which focuses on exposing all students , privileged or not, to challenging material. The only problem that faces NYC schools is the conduct of students in the classroom. This disrupts teaching and learning and is reflected in the low test scores in the Regents exams.
it was amazing great experience, good teachers, the kids are okay good attendance teachers seem like they like to help and educate students in any way possible
More involvement on campus. I think people need to join more clubs and not just be academically involved. You gain so much from being in clubs and organizations. You meet new people and learn to work with others.
So far in my school, I've enjoyed the academic part of it and that's the main reason why I went to the school, to learn so that's was a good thing.
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