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New York City Geographic District No. 11 Reviews

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There isn’t much to do around here or any activities really besides basketball. I wish they had more music stuff or more various activities.
I like the teachers, very caring for their students and wanting to see their students succeed. However I find a lack of college knowledge.
My experience with district 11 was overall decent. I feel as if I went to school in a different area or community I would have been able to reach my maximum potential. The teachers I were surrounded by were not encouraging enough. Another issue with the teachers in district 11 is that they did not mentally or academically prepare students enough for college. I was able to push through my first year of college wonderfully however, college was not what I anticipated it to be. Personally, I was overwhelmed and surprised by the difference in the workload. Starting off my college career I would have been better off if I were given guidance in order to handle these challenges. Although it is also my responsibility to take advantage of my education to the fullest and not allow these factors prohibit my school career, it is not as easy to do when you do not have a solid support system.
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I actually love everything about my district. The fact that you can express yourself in different ways especially through clothing. i love the different things you can do here. Many people think that there is not a lot of things here,but the issue is you have to look things up and see what you want to do. What I would like to see change here are the citizens attitude. I just wish a lot more people would be happy and not grumpy all the time, you're alive why wouldn't you be happy.
What I like about New York City District No. 11 is that the students care about academic achievement. We all can comprehend another individual's situation and show sympathy. As a student in this district I felt as if I was a part of a community at my school. One thing I want to be changed in the future is the lack of diversity in this district. Overall, my experience has been wonderful!
There are low expectations for the students. Students who do well are not pushed to acheive more. Students who do well are often ridiculed by other students. Attendance is taken often by students resulting in inaccuracies and attendance is considered a legal document. Also, parents are not informed when students are not present in school, although the school has the automated calling system. The rules are not enforced. Uniforms are required, but few students actually wear the uniform. Parents are informed of important dates at the last minute even though there is an automated calling system which should make connecting with parents easier. The teachers are intimidated by students who want to make sure that no one learns. They allow disruptions by these students robbing those of us who want to learn of class time. The lunch served contains a lot of unhealthy options. Processed foods.
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