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New York City Geographic District No. 10 Reviews

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LaGuardia is among THE most prestigous Performing Arts Schools in America. it has recieved an A on its Progress Report and an outstanding on its quality overview
Great quality of education in my school, and relatively easy to find transportation. Would improve from more renovation and teacher-student interactions
I liked very much teacher and they way of communicating to the students, and the other thing that was great about this school is about Clubs&Activities there are a lot.
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As a student in New York City Geographic District No. 10 I got to experience many academically opportunities that I never thought I would have the change to have. I got to meet very diversity people, with good hearts, and willing to success. This has motivated me to do better. What I would like to change is the safety of students and teachers, because some don't see the value of how important our education is.
Being an AMS student I've found myself liking the school immensely. It's easy to find yourself a group of friends you'll have throughout high school within your peers, teachers, and administration. The staff are people you can go to no matter the issue. Whether it's academics or just for a chat. That's probably my favorite part. The teachers are also most likely to stay after school with students needing extra help. Something I don't like is probably the fact that our school has diversity but could use more kids of different ethnicity and religion. I think that would've been an interesting addition to the school.
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