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New Ulm Public School District Reviews

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The teachers at New Ulm High School were generally really caring, helpful, and passionate about helping their students.
New Ulm Public High School is a great school to go to if you do not like big crowds and or large class sizes. Our agriculture department and woods departments are state of the art. However, there is not much diversity at all. Let’s just say that New Ulm was ranked one of the most German towns in America and that reflects in our school’s diversity. I would have much rather gone to a school with more people and different types of culture to learn about. Our sports teams are not the best, however, our baseball and softball teams have gone to state multiple times. New Ulm High School offered multiple college in the schools classes and even allowed for seniors to do a PSEO year if they met the standards. Overall, my experience at New Ulm Public High School was a comfortable one, but I would have liked to go to a bigger school so I could experience more diversity.
This school district is located in the center of a German town that offers a lot of history. There are many things to learn about like the German heritage and where it came from which happens to be Ulm, Germany. This safe and welcoming community hosts a variety of festivals and events that allow their tue german heritage to shine through. The school though lacks diversity and culture. The newly built high school was not well thought out because some teachers have to share rooms and there is no room for outward growth. The district also doesn't listen well to students opinions and uses their own judgment for changes. Not the students'.
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I went to New Ulm Public Schools my entire life. I went to kindergarten with the same people I graduated with. I had my good experiences and bad ones. One of the best things was how close all of my classmates were. The district is small so you get to know everyone. The sports and fans at the sporting events are great. It depends on the game but usually there was a good student crowd. The support from everyone was amazing. They recently built a new high school but when I went the the old high school the building was outdated and just needed to be changed. It was easy to get around though. Everyone at the school really cared about you. You could go to anyone for literally anything. I always felt safe at school despite having a few bomb threats. I am very grateful to have grown up in such a great district.
I have enjoyed my experience at New Ulm High School for the most part. The teachers are very supportive and truely believe in me and that I will succeed at everything I put my mind to.
New Ulm Public High School offers a large selection of classes to prepare yourself to go into the workforce.
I mostly enjoyed New Ulm Public District schools. The schools prepared me well for college and I do no have many struggles academically in college.
Love there special ED resources. They have gone above and beyond to help my child succeed.
Have designed a program to meet his need. I can truly say that I feel like the staff care about him as an individual and want his success as much as me!!!!
Serious problems with bullying that are never addressed or resolved. Many area families choose to homeschool or send their kids out of district or to private schools.
However, they have added diversity groups for LGBTQ support, and the High School Band teacher is one of the most involved and giving that I have ever known.
Ever since Kindergarten, I have built my knowledge extensively in this school district. The teachers respect their students greatly and they are given the same in return. I have learned various things from each and every one of my teachers, which has brought me to where I am today. When learning a new concept becomes difficult, the teachers always seem to have an alternative, or easier, way to teach it to their students.
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