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New Trier Township High School District No. 203 Reviews

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This school is incredible when it comes to the academic courses offered and the extracurriculars but the competitive environment caused me to not give five stars. If I didn’t go to new trier, I never would be the person I am today. I learned how to be self confident through debate, but I lost much of my self worth due to the toxic competition. The rigid academic hierarchy makes it so that no one cares about learning anymore rather just received an A and getting a higher percent in the class than your friends. If you feel comfortable in high stress environments, this is a great school
Great school but always so much pressure and competition. So many students were struggling with mental health because of it but definitely a great college readiness school.
New Trier is an excellent educational institution with tons of resources for every student. However, the other students and the environment created by the teachers are extremely toxic and it is difficult to make friends. The administration could also care less about the students in general. Also, if you are a person of color or want your kids to grow up in a diverse environment, I would recommend attending another high school.
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A high-quality school district with top-of-the-line academics in all areas and an extensive extracurricular program in performing arts, athletics, and student activities.
Overall amazing school! The Northfield campus is built beautifully structured. Each building serves a different purpose and even if you don't know the school well you'll still be able to find your place very easily unlike the Winnetka campus. The academics are great, teachers are really nice although there are some misunderstandings once in a while. The Admin are usually reliable but not when it comes to social issues or racial bullying.
Overall, my experience has been positive. I built writing skills, and learned to cope with the learning and test taking process. I have developed an interest in reading and foreign language, as well as forged connections with my teachers. This school is fully equipped to set students up for success later in life.

The teachers have been the strength of the school. They have been enthusiastic, are willing to invest in students as individuals, and accommodate their special needs when necessary.

In terms of accommodations, the school is effective at general implementation, but ineffective with its Learning Centre. Many students there are resentful of the punitive, and often unbalanced way it operates.

As a whole, I have built many value skills and mane many connections that have prepared me for college life. I would recommend this school to anyone who can handle lots of coursework, and can benefit from many academic and recreational resources.
Overall, New Trier prepared me very well for application to college and moving into the real world. The curriculum is rigorous, allowing me to score well on standardized tests and prepare a good application. However, the academic and social atmosphere of the school is very competitive, and the lack of diversity detract from the positivity of my high school experience.
I have absolutely loved New Trier. The performing arts opportunities here have given me more joy and experience than I could have imagined.
Minimal racial diversity but very educated students and teachers. Huge variety of courses available. Renovations made a new sunny wing of the school.
High school was a roller coaster, but overall loved my experience at New Trier. There are so many different classes and programs for every type of learner at New Trier. The teachers are amazing and generally actually care about the students. On the down side, I found the social scene to be horrible. Everyone is very similar and there is a lot of pressure regarding college, drugs, and more. While I recognize that this is all very situational, a lot of my friends felt similar pressures. Throughout my four years, I did learn a lot and grow as an individual. I enjoy going to school and have loved my classes. I only had one bad teacher throughout my entire experience at New Trier.
The school itself is great, the people not so much. I also think putting freshmen at another campus makes adjusting to high school harder.
there needs to be more diversity of income race ethnicity and sexual orientation there is no diversity at this school and teachers and advisors are too intrusive and don't understand when you don't want their help and think they are helping you when they are not and need to stay out of your family affairs and leave you alone to deal with things by yourself
New Trier is only a fit for a very particular kind of student; white, cisgendered, sports achieving, upper-middle class kids who is ready and prepared to be thrown into all honors classes. This is not only a social culture, it is a requirement to succeed at this school. Teachers and students will talk down to you if you are not one of those characteristics in that very particular part of the community. New Trier needs to open itself up to new diverse, divert thinkers who want to do more things in their lives besides STEM & Sports.
My experience has been positive. Teachers are very nice and fair. I started at the Northfield campus my freshman year and then transitioned over to the Winnetka campus for my remainder of years. I have enjoyed the Winnetka campus more then Northfield campus.
New Trier rests on their laurels whenever it is conevnient for them. Though the facilities are pristine, the education resources superb, and student activities extensive and engaging, the apathetic teaching staff creates a hostile and unwelcoming learning environment for students of all walks of life.
Levels at New Trier are phenomenal (level 2 is an average class, 3 is honors, 4 is practically AP; you're in an environment that suits your learning) and the academics are rigorous if you're up to the challenge.
The poor reviews on here about the cafeteria, etc. aren't necessarily up to date. The school was renovated just last year with a new cafeteria, plenty of school lunch options (stir fry, salad, burrito bowl, chicken tenders, smoothies) if that's a deciding factor for you. The renovation bled into the school year which was inconvenient, but overall it's phenomental.
In a lot of my classes, the desks are arranged in a circle, so there's no unhealthy power dynamic between the teacher and the students. It's promotes a more immersive learning.
There's a really weird bathroom on the second floor that doesn't have doors though.
Preparation for academic success if fantastic. School diversity is very low, largely due to the location of the school and the cost of living in the area. Athletics are competitive but there are many no cut sports for those interested in participating.
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New Trier is a high school filled with opportunity. The staff and students work hard to make it a place where everyone has their own niche. In addition to many Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman sports teams, there are over 100 clubs to join. If you cannot find your space here all students are welcome to create their own club. Student government is also a great time investment. In addition to being surrounded by great people, student government gets a valued say in decisions around the school such as lunch choices and furniture. New Trier prepares students academically and career-wise for after high school. We have a highly knowledgeable staff for post-high school counseling and a great career center. I have overall enjoyed my time here. The best advice I could give to anyone coming in is to take advantage of the many clubs and services New Trier has to offer.
I am currently a senior at New Trier and I had an amazing high school experience. There are certain levels for courses that determine the rigor, each level class providing opportunities to students with nearly all academic prowess. It is also a relatively simple process to switch from level to level, provided there is good evidence a student would succeed more in the different level class. There are also an incredible amount of opportunities to join clubs or sports. Flyers around the school, handbooks, and many other resources show the vast variety of extracurricular activities the school offers. Even more, a student can create their own club with the help of a teacher sponsor. The school takes its extracurriculars very seriously and stays well involved with their activity. With the wide variety of opportunities, students are more than able to find a niche where they belong.
New Trier High School is a great school for academics and sports. It is typical for a senior, like me, to hear that friends and classmates are getting into ivy league schools and schools that are considered in the top 100 in the United States, either through academics or sports scholarships. The downside to this is that the school is very competitive, making students who are less academically or athletically strong feel bad about themselves and their abilities. Here comes the often used sentence, "I'm good at (enter subject/sport) but I'm not New Trier level good."
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