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New Rochelle City School District Reviews

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The school should reconsider allowing students to go off campus for lunch. The food within the cafeteria was atrocious.
this school district offers everything for the children..especially special needs children! i would never send my children anywhere else. the staff is very helpful.. teachers are on target
New Rochelle School District has afforded me the opportunity to participate in one of the best cheer leading programs in the state. Because of cheer leading, it has taught me discipline and extreme commitment. The school and staff was very supportive and because of them I was able to maintain my high academic standards.
The school and district has allowed me to be able to participate in the BOCES program and there I was able to excel in the Graphic Design courses which prepared me for college and enhance my skills.
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The college of New Rochelle is not involved with students, their financial aid officers are a mess and everything is just not well done/organized
Amazing diversity as the schools set it’s students up with great opportunity for success and readiness for the future. From elemntary school all the way to the high school the New Rochelle School district keeps its kids involved. Whether it’s great sports, or parent student activities, the district keeps everyone involved. The school district also does a great job of providing an immense amount of support and guidance officials to its students.
We are a large diverse city school. Our school offferes many options. We might not look alike but we are all welcomed everyday.
Academics, sports, clubs and so much more to offer every student.
New Rochelle city school district has nice schools for elementary and grade school on the north end of the neighborhood but once you reach high school it is all down hill. The school is not run well and the students walk over teachers and easily cut class. Not a safe environment as well.
Having lived in New Rochelle my entire life, I can genuinely say I've never felt out of place. From Daniel Webster Magnet School and Albert Leonard Middle School all the way to New Rochelle High School, I was ALWAYS able to safely walk to and from school since fourth grade without any fear or hesitation. Whether it was being safely crossed to the other side of the street by the kind and hardworking crossing guard or taking "secret" and adventurous shortcuts I always felt protected by the strong and diverse sense of community. There was always a familiar face to wave to and groups of welcoming and open friends to walk with. I always took stops at the local bodega or deli to grab snacks from the cashier who saw me grow up. I would gladly relive my childhood in the New Rochelle City School District if I could.
New Rochelle has excellent teachers who truly care about educating the whole child. Students can participate in a wide variety of sports and extracurricular activities.
The New Rochelle school district is very diverse and well balanced but the lack of security is a major concern.
new Rochelle is a very peaceful and calm town ! theirs one big public school taking up two area codes. the teachers are great and recently they have become better with security measures and how they treat their students and what they provide.
I'd highky recommend this school district. It's not perfect, but I wouldn't choose anywhere else. There's something for everyone here, a variety of programs, ways to improve yourself.
Looking back on my years in the New Rochelle City school district, I can certainly attest that it is diverse. Having been exposed to this early on I think, has taught me to be tolerant of all kinds of people, and has also prepared me for the real world in that my experiences with different cultures and different kinds of people has given me knowledge to take a stance on a subject and be able to voice my opinion from an informed point of view. In addition to this, I have also had the pleasure of being taught by excellent teachers from as far back as my first year in elementary school, several of whom I still keep in contact with today. Not only did they go above and beyond in teaching me core curriculum, but also impressed upon me a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed.
been a part of this school district for 12 yrs so far and have been enjoying every moment. been a part of this school district for 12 yrs so far and have been enjoying every moment. been a part of this school district for 12 yrs so far and have been enjoying every moment.
New Rochelle schools offer a wide variety of sports, clubs and courses. It's important to get involved and to challenge yourself.
New Rochelle High School is a Great place to send you kids if you live in the Westchester Community. Its a large school that can really help with students moving in the college path. They Pre-pair you for your future by supplying with the greatest teachers to help teach the course. They have a Full art wing, a planetarium with a lot of hands on classes. It is a huge school with so many activities and sports and people coming together to create the best 4 year high school experience.
As attenting the New Rochelle City district all through my academic career, elementary school could have gave me a more push that I need to my fullest potential. But in my experience once students reach junior high, they seem to fall of the grid and slack in school. Im not sure if its the school its self I attended Isaac E. Young. As high school approached administration should listen to the children. Have friendlier security guards since i have experience f being very rude not only me but students around me. Food was not the best in school. But the one positively changed my life is the Guidance Center in New rochelle high school. They do not get enough recognition for what they do, and how they have a personal relationship with each student to help them succeed.
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The school has a wide variety of classes which is really good to give you an idea of what you may or may not want to do in college
The New Rochelle City School District is really incredible. I've been able to learn so much and take so many interesting classes throughout my school experience. The classes I've taken and the teachers I've had have truly inspired me to work hard and be the best I can be. These teachers have inspired my love of learning, and for that I am forever grateful.
Being born and raised in the New Rochelle City School District I have seen change for the better with always trying to make the schools better. The teachers as well as the students showed true dedication and spirit for their schools. With the top academics and diversity in the country, going to New Rochelle High School where the population of students is over 4,000 and well diverse, I am proud to be an alum. Being there has instilled in me a foundation that I can take anywhere.
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