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The teachers were great and good at their jobs but admissions were terrible. They had no care for the safety of the students. Even the teachers would agree.
I enjoyed the variety of classes within New Richmond School District. They had courses aimed towards multiple different future education paths for students.
The teachers at the high school are amazing, other administrators are amazing. The athletic, science and arts/ music programs are something that stick out.
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It a fantastic school with plenty of teachers that take the time to ensure that their students understand the material
My experience at New Richmond High School was the best four years of my life. All my teachers were amazing and accepting of the student life. They make you feel safe and life you can talk to them about anything. They gave me a million opportunities to support the things I wanted to do. I don't see anything in this school district that needs to specifically change.
Graduated from NRHS well prepared for college in every way. Teachers are dedicated and involved. The AP classes are very helpful to college preparedness. College professors commented on my writing skills.
Proud to have my 4 children enrolled in this dedicated district. A small town with big city resources/programs. Advanced safety measures to keep our children safe, communication between the schools and parents are clear with many opportunities to find resources online quickly through apps.
I like how united and close the whole town of New Richmond is and that includes the school district. They have very advanced academics and are known for their higher level/AP classes.
I liked New Richmond School District because I felt like they were very school oriented and cared about all students' academic success.
This school continues to provide amazing opprotunities to all students. They offer a welding program that has college transferable credits. This is a great opprotunities due to the lack of welders in the career field today.
The teachers are skilled and the curriculum prepares most students for college. However, many students are allowed to fall through the cracks because administration often seems more interested in preserving the image of the school than providing resources to help rather than punish students.
Although it may appear to be a very large school, I have found that the staff that fill NRHS are helpful and attentive, even with all of the students. With enjoyable classes, and understanding teachers, NRHS can be a great oppurtunity for plenty of kids. However, it appears that many students give up or dont try as hard as they should, resulting in poor grades and poor attitudes. The school is kept clean, classes are orderly, and the resources available are topnotch. I just wish there were more available languages aside from Spanish, so the community could be educated in more than one culture and language.
Very good learning environment, very many resources are available to you. No matter what your needs are they will accommodate to you. They have classes for everyone from agriculture, foods, shop, and all the main academics.
New Richmond School District offers education beyond the average in all areas of interest. If you like science you can take non-mandatory classes such as AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Anatomy. You can also further your education in Social Sciences, Music, Foreign Language, Mathematics, English, and more hands on classes like wood shop and welding. The only down side about New Richmond is that the only foreign language offered is Spanish.
Please consider looking elsewhere for a good school district; this isn't one of them. Starting with a 4K program rife with corruption and misuse of public funds, your child won't be off to a good start. The school busing company has no accountability for their operations.

Of course, there are exceptions where some teachers are doing their best, however, the majority are simply riding it out to retire or have their entire family working for the district. Too much nepotism.

The track of preparation seems to not be towards a college education. Do not consider WITC as a college--it is a vo-tech, teaching welding and "packaging".

This seems to be one of those districts where you feel like an outsider if you move into the district. In other words, if you didn't grow up here all your life and have family ties going back generations, you are treated as a lower-class citizen and shunned.
I love the variety of classes and opportunities for personalized interests provided to each student. Teachers care a lot about the student’s education.
The teachers are wonderful, and very supportive! They help you to achieve your plans for your future! The schools offer a wide variety of clubs/activities to partake in if you choose including drama, sports, music, foods, art, language, film and much more!
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Reading buddies at elementary where an older classroom pairs up with a younger classroom fosters an environment where the older kids make the younger kids feel safe. Opportunities both academic and sports related are vast. Its a community where it seems parents want to see all kids succeed.
Pretty great, the only thing that sucks is that you kind of are surrounded by hicks who don’t care about school. Besides some of the unfortunate students, it’s a pretty great district.
New Richmond focues on academics and really pushed their students there... but it was studies that were basic materials and did not prepare the students for higher education.
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