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New Richmond Exempted Village School District Reviews

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I have gone to New Richmond High School the entire time I have been in high school and I feel like I have received a good experience through sports, academics, clubs, and other school activities. My friends and I were always involved in life at the school because of how much we enjoyed them. As I am getting ready to go to college, I think that New Richmond High School has readily prepared me for what lies ahead in my near future.
I enjoyed being at New Richmond High School because all of the teachers enjoyed teaching us and it made students more excited to come to school everyday. New Richmond makes everyone feel welcome and is a great place to learn.
The thing I liked most about New Richmond Exempted Village School District is how it has helped shape me to the person I am today, My childhood was terrible as I had parents who nourished their drug habit more than their own kids, school was the only place I could see and talk to my friends. I joined band (performing arts) to escape this cruel world of people who were diagnosed with judgmental disorder which called for two tablespoons of name calling a day. Band is my life and my teachers are like my step parents because I first met them in 5th grade when I joined band and they have watched me grow up all the way to my senior year. The performing arts doesn't get recognised much but for the kids who have a hard time expressing themself its a place where they go to relax and do something they love.
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With my time at New Richmond High School it was very political, some teachers were not very respectful to some students and if you were a student whose parent was a teacher you would get special treatment. To me it felt like one family ran the whole school and applied there Baptist valued on every one. I felt very restricted. Being on student council I had tried to help boost morale in the school but every idea that we had come up with would get shot down. Not only this but when student council had meetings with the principle and head of the district they would ask us what was wrong in the school and we would give the answers but they did not like what they heard so we got ignored. It wasn't all bad I made life long friends and loved some of my teachers, they would go above and beyond. Not just this but my volleyball coach was the best she listened to us and did the best she could do. If New Richmond High school wasn't filled with politics it would be a great place to go.
After moving from another school to this school there was a huge change. Not only in scenery but also in just the general environment. The students were very welcoming, and still continue to be welcoming. People, for the most part, respect each other at New Richmond more than any other school I have been to. The faculty is also very personal with you, when you need help you can just go and ask for it. It is also a smaller school, therefore your class sizes will be smaller, and you will know almost everybody! I enjoy and have pride in going to a school in the New Richmond Exempted Village School District and will continue to for the rest of my time there!
New Richmond has its priorities in the wrong place. Too much focus was placed on athletics instead of academics. Lack of resources was a huge issue, and while school counselors were available, other counseling was lacking. The dress code is archaic and promoted sexism. Invest in your students, not your stadium. Textbooks falling apart, lack of desks and chairs in classrooms, it is problematic. The teachers were consistent for the most part and could really be an asset if they were more readily available.
New Richmond is a very small town school. Most of the teachers are great; however, the administration's ability to communicate to the students positively leaves something to be desired. The school works hard to try and make as many opportunities for students to succeed available with varying degrees of success. NR also has really good higher-level courses for students to take in addition to opportunities to earn college credits. Overall it is a very average school with lots of opportunities for their students. I would like to see improvement in the art department with more teachers to compensate the growing class sizes.
Great education offered along with any extracurricular activity you can imagine, all while being in a caring low pressure environment.
New Richmond is an average school but it is not very diverse or large. There is a small student body which limits the options for AP courses and clubs.
I have lived in New Richmond Exempted Village School District, all my life. I have had the same principal for 10 of the 12 academic years I have attended school. New Richmond High School is located in a small town located along the Ohio River. This essentially means, everybody knows everybody. I have never found myself in a situation that cannot be fixed. The teachers and staff are incredible. There are innumerable amounts of people that share many similar characteristics, as well as different characteristics. I have enjoyed growing up in such a small town, that feels warm and welcoming. The only thing I would change about the school district, is how others are viewed and treated among a school. I feel as if, especially with sports, the families with a larger source of income, receive the better treatment. They are granted more, treated better, and on some occasions, just the teacher's pet. If money could become less of an issue, the school district would feel complete.
I love the atmosphere of the school in general. It's a decent sized school with great academics and great sports. Also, the amount of the clubs we have is pretty impressive. We have quite a bit of school spirit as well. Like any school, there is a bit of riffraff, which is why I gave it 4 stars. The teachers at NR are not only teachers; they are incredible people who present the gift of learning and priceless experiences, friends when you need some, and some of your biggest supporters. New Richmond may have been my alma mater, but it's more than that, it's my home. I feel like whether I walk through those halls on my upcoming senior year, or 30 years later when my kids go there, I'll feel the same way about it. It's all our home, the people of New Richmond, and I feel like anyone who has ever attended would say the same.
New Richmond High School has offered and given me so many opportunities. From education to extracurriculars, New Richmond High School has provided an atmosphere of community and extended family. All of the educators, teachers, and administrators go above and beyond. On any given day you will find students, staff and parents involved in some activity during school and well into the evening. At the end of the school day I do not run for my car, I want to stay and look forward to whatever might be going on, be it athletics, music, theater, academic or cultural clubs, studying at the library or media center, or even just getting together with friends. New Richmond High School offers so many opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment, you can be yourself and always find encouragement, support and guidance in whatever your interests are. Outstanding experience.
New Richmond Exempted Village School District is located in very small town. This is good and bad, however it has formed this into a bad school. The atmosphere is mostly white christian, and lacks diversity. Not only that, but the faculty becomes so involved with the students, too involved. They become so close they now limit students on everything. They banned yoga pants, cell phones, anything they can find. They also do random drug testing. Overall, New Richmond has taken too much control of the public school system.
Cannot be happier with NR schools blessed my children are getting best education available! They strive to insure all kids are getting all they need in all aspects of education extra assistance help outside of school etc. proud to be NR Lion!
At New Richmond, I enjoyed the atmosphere of a tight-knit, small town family. All of the teachers truly cared about my grades and my future in college, and helped me reach my full potential by the time that I graduated. The New Richmond School district will always have a special place in my heart, and I will never forget the experience that they provided me with.
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