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Most of the teachers were great. But through my years of High school some were just some that didn't really help at all
I have lived in New Providence all my life and am currently a high school senior. This high school is a very small school. It has 500 kids max and most of them I've known since kindergarten. There is no diversity whatsoever, its mostly rich white kids. There are a lot of asians though. The people here are very much in your business and you can't do anything without everyone finding out about it. If i did not have my group of friends it would be very lonely here. The academics are very good and taught me a lot about writing. Overall it was a fine experience.
I think New Providence High School has definitely provided me with a quality education that has prepared me for college. The teachers are mostly pretty good (give or take a few) and there is a sense of community. Definitely needs more diversity though.
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My experience in New Providence School District has been a mostly great, but occasionally frustrating experience. The teachers are fantastic at this school and obviously care about their students. The administration, on the other hand, is oftentimes quite controlling of everything such as prison-like security, hall monitors, and restriction on students rights. The guidance department is winning or lose depending on who you get. The music department is amazing at this school despite the School board's attempt at shrinking its budget. Overall great people in the school just the people running the school are a bit too controlling.
Good school in terms of academics, needs more course offerings. The people are generally kind and tend to stick to their friends.
Primarily causasian school with great teachers. Plenty of AP courses to prepare for college. Tons of other great course to take.
New Providence is ahead of its time in terms of technology. Each student is given an iPad and all of the teachers are versed in how to best implement it.
I liked the small community of New Providence High School. You can get to know everyone in the school and connect with them. There is a great sense of school spirit as well. The cafeteria food could definitely include more healthy options.
I was enrolled in the New Providence School District all my life, I currently just finished my freshman year of college, and the two main critiques I have for the district are its use of iPads (a terrible decision) and how non-diverse the student body is.
It was pretty good going to New Providence High School. Some of the school policies can be changed though. I feel like they can improve some of their athletic programs as well.
I like going to New Providence High School. It offers interesting classes at various levels, ranging from AP to Project Lead the Way engineering classes. The school has a cool vibe and is pretty relaxed.
Administrative staff is very responsive. Teachers are accurate and caring. Principal and Superintendent have high standards. Very happy my son is in this school district
Overall I am glad that I attended New Providence High School. There were many outstanding students there and some of the teachers were fantastic. Many programs were strong too, which instilled a lot of pride and enjoyment. On the other hand, there were also teachers that were annoying, unnecessarily difficult, and just outright strange. Also, the community wasn't as diverse as I would like it to be.
New Providence has some really great teachers, especially social studies and language arts teachers. It's a very competitive atmosphere. The music department is very strong, especially the marching band. The guidance department isn't incredibly helpful but they have ago of amount of resources for students (you jus have to find them on the website).
Teachers are so nice and kind, students are doing great! They are great on music and art, also science
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