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I have attended new Prairie high school for all 12 years I’ve gone to school. The experience has been decent thus far, the faculty is extremely nice and caring. When it comes to teaching there are certain teachers that don’t necessarily teach, they just give you a worksheet and expect you to know what your doing.
New Prairie at the time I’m typing this is going through renovations and redoing the whole school. The education here is vast. From fields of engineering to the medical field we have tremendous programs to learn from. The clubs here also helps strengthens learning for different fields as well as prepare for hands on work in the real world. There isn’t much to complain about except the food that this school provides, but they are improving it. We are now having produce donated to us by local farmers and the cafeteria staff are experimenting with new meals. Overall this place helps students figure out what direction to head towards with there education, and supports their decisions for the future.
I’ve lived here all my life new Prairie is well rounded school and very accepting to new students. They also have very talented coaches and staff. The community of new prairie is very supporting.
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New Prairie can be very different from many other high schools. I recently wanted to transfer to Riley High School because of how much freedom their school has. At New Prairie, we can’t even get on our phones without being disciplined. Let alone all of the construction being done which constantly distracts students and make some feel unsafe. My favorite part is the guidance counselors because they understand us as students and they help us make decisions towards our future, which is their jobs. Overall, this school is an average school.
Overall, New Prairie really focuses on the sports aspects of high school. Luckily I am interested in the Medical field and they offer many courses directed towards it, but if you wanted to learn more about another field, there aren’t as many options open.
New Prairie is an overall great school cooperation and I can’t wait to see what it becomes with the construction of the high school and middle school. Hopefully this will make the district prosper and thrive without changing the overall character that we have come to know and love about New Prairie.
New Prairie United School Corporation has great academic programs and I believe they have taught me college readiness. This school corporation was challenging to endure during the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 while attending because of construction taking place but I am certain the project will eventually become a success. I believe that this school corporation could increase its race and religion diversity but with the amount of diversity there was during the time I attended, there was great respect and equal opportunities to all. This school corporation has great extracurricular programs and activities offered throughout and successfully attend multiple opportunities offered to these programs.
I really enjoyed attending high school at New Prairie. It has smaller class sizes so it was nice to personally know everyone in my class. Not only did I know everyone in my own class but I also knew just about every person I passed in the hallway. Knowing everyone made it a lot easier to feel comfortable and focus on school work or be able to ask someone for help when needed.
I moved to New Prairie High School my sophomore year, and it was an excellent decision. New Prairie is a small school with a family type feeling. Everyone is nice and willing to help you in any way. If someone in the community needs help, they pull together to help them.
Lots of bullying. School itself is a beautiful building. New Administration seems to now be more involved and interested in what's going on in the school and classrooms. I am impressed with how the Vice Principle is more involved with the students. I hope this is a new beginning for this school system.
New Prairie has been a place that I liked but it wasnt very involved with the students just what they thought they could do better to make the corporation look better. The teacher are nice but some don’t take into account how different every person is and how each person learns differently. The teachers will also get mad at you if you say that you don’t understand based on the way that they are trying to teach the lesson.
New Pairie is a school that is booming with school spirit and houses some award winning teachers in Indiana. While going here I learned many life lessonsand learned how to be independent and not rely on others to help me by in life. There are teachers with flipped classroom that take away the learning portion of the classroom where all you do is your homework and then there are classrooms where during there class hour is completely lecture based and there is never time left for classwork.
New Prairie is a painstakingly average school. Running water and sewage systems work occasionally. Teaching is hit or miss. Athletics, though, are above average. I’d like to see the administration change and bring this school from average to excellent.
Unattached staff, major school renovations caused this year to be distracting and provided a difficult learning environment. Decisions made by school board in the past 4 yrs negatively impact our athletic program and caused disharmony in student athletes. School pride and involvement suffered, but the school showed no concern. Disconnected staff and leadership causes this school to be a lousy learning and social environment. Bullying is a major problem, especially in the middle school.
What I like about New Prairie School Corporations is that they care about each student. They get right to the source of every problem. The Clubs & Activities are my favorite because you get to stay involved with your school and the students!
I love the teachers at New Prairie. They are all super nice. I wish there wasn't as much bullying. Over all the administration is good.
New Prairie is considered one of the best school districts in Northwestern Indiana, and I couldn’t agree more. Most students and all teachers are very respectful and easy-going, and are always supportive. There are numerous athletic teams available, and each demonstrates its own “family” of athletes, which is always enlightening and upbringing for a student. Academics are challenging, and are meant to prepare students for college coursework.
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Great programs like HOSA for those interested in the medical field. Hosa is a healthcare organization and leadership club. In my junior year we placed second at state and went on to Nationals last summer. It was great experience and great feeling to be recognized for our hard work and dedication to future health direction.
New prairie is very fun. And we can make it even better. Are night school is getting upgraded. And rolling prairie elementary is also. We have a lot of with are teachers and other students. We almost always get along. Around the end of the year we have field days.
The school was good and the technology there is modern but the staff don't seem to really care about you and your well being. There are a decent amount of classes for college prep but if you didn't do well on the ISTEP you have no idea about these options.
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