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This school offers great classes often taught by friendly teachers in a safe and clean environment. Recently, a program called "Senior Privileges" was added in which seniors who are on track to graduate and maintain good academic standing are allowed to leave campus during study hall and lunch hours. This is a great incentive to stay motivated and keep grades up during the rough "senior slide!"
New Prague Area Schools takes education very seriously and gives knowledge to students the best it can. Teachers at NPAS are passionate about learning and want students to succeed. Coming from a small town, there is not much diversity. Overall, NPAS are very good.
It's been alright here. Classes are fitting and lots of options to choose from for classes, class sizes can reach 30+. The food is shaky at times but it's edible.
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My experience at New Prague High School was absolutely amazing. My class as a whole had so many great inside jokes and although some problems would arise between us, we always stood together as a group. We shared so many great memories and it's one of the things I'll miss the most about NPHS. The staff was also wonderful and were always ready to help us out at any given moment. Personally, I feel as though some of the teachers in the school felt more like friends to me than just a regular teacher. I'll admit, we weren't the best high school in the world, but I couldn't have asked for a better 4 years.
There are many good things about NPHS, however there is still room for improvement in some areas. The school does a good job of offering college resources and some college classes, but it would be great to see more in the future. It is definitely a small town school which adds some aspects while it lessens others. My experience here was overall a good one.
The classroom experience is great, many opportunists. Just a seemingly lack of diversity in and outside of the classroom is apparent. Also, it seems like some teachers really don't care about their material or their jobs for that matter. But, again, with every poor teacher is a great teacher that cares about their jobs and the kids they teach a lot.
I have really enjoyed going to school in this district. I went to Falcon Ridge Elementary, New Prague Middle School, and New Prague Senior High School, and it was overall a fantastic experience. There have been a few ups and downs, but I have really enjoyed my time here. The administration, teachers, and staff have been wonderful.
Great school with great academics. We often rank very high in state test scores. Most teachers are good, but there are a few that are crazy.
The opportunities that New Prague Schools offer has helped direct me in my career path. Also the community creates a warm environment.
liked the teachers very helpful working with students. very nice facilities. got to travel to Germany with the German teachers. we have a good athletics program
I have gone to NPAS since kindergarten and I would not switch schools for the world the friends and teachers that I have had has made my experience unforgetable
Good teachers. Shallow students that have been coddled all their lives by soccer moms. The Administration cares more about sports than the feeling of their own students. Good food choices.
The class sizes were small, and the staff was typically very helpful. The importance of academics were stressed and college readiness was pushed as well. Resources to gain hands on experience in the communities in various careers were available as were AP and CIS classes. Arts are a big thing at New Prague Area Schools as are sports primarily boys hockey.
I liked how friendly all of the teachers and students are. The teachers are understanding and willing to work with you if you are behind or not understanding something.
It is a very good district. All students third grade and up are provided with personal computers to use for their schoolwork. One of the highest tested schools in the state.
New Prague High School offers many college level classes to prepare me for college as well as college credits to get me started and prepared to be successful in college.
Teachers has passion while teaching and really cared about students success. Time is well spent to insure students of all ages are getting a high quality education.
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The high school is lucky to have many excellent teachers and a good variety of course options. However, sometimes it feels as if the school puts more emphasis on high test scores (which New Prague is known for) than students' learning about things that will benefit them past high school (e.g. life skills such as finance). Many activities are offered in the school, and the overall student body is usually very accepting of newcomers and others.
New Prague Area Schools is overall a great school! The staff cares about how each student does in class because they want all of us to be successful. Not only do the teachers care about how successful their students become, but many of them also care about each student personally. They understand that we do have personal issues at times and they try to be there for us and help us get through it. I would like to see a change from the students to the staff. There are students who ruin things so that the janitors have to spend more time cleaning a mess. I don't see anything happening to prevent this and the janitors should be given much more respect then that. The principal may be talking to students one on one, but there is no recognition to all the other students of how major this issue is.
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