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I felt that my experiance at the school was good overal. I learned a few things and I made many friends. The only thing that I would improve would be for the administration to improve communication with the students so they would be more up-to-date on current events at the school. Overall, though, I had a good time and I had a lot of fun.
New Plymouth is a great place to go to school. I can not compare it to any other schools because New Plymouth is the only school that I have ever gone to and I graduated this year. I would have to say I would like to change my last year of high school because the principal was forced to resign and then soon after that, because of all the complaints, the superintendent also resigned. So for a while we were without a principal and that led to kids doing whatever they wanted to do because there was no principal. We had a guy form Middleton post principal come and help us out a little bit but none of the teachers were happy because they wanted the old principal back. I am just happy because I am graduated an I got through the whole thing.
I liked the sports programs at New Plymouth as well as the great teachers I have had for 4 years to get me to the point i'm at today. Its a very nice environment to be and I would recommend this school to anyone .
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Staff is amazing to work with. Students are mostly :) good kids. Middle School principal is motivated to make the school great.
It's a small school, so you get all of the academic support that you need. Since it is a small and tight knit community, everyone knows each other really well and the moment I stepped fut into that school I felt like the teachers really cared about me.
Teachers are extremely helpful and involved. Students are friendly. Sports and clubs get a lot of support and there are lots of academic opportunities.
Small community, small class sizes. College prep is strongly recommended to junior and senior students.
New Plymouth High School is the best experience a high school student could possibly have. Almost all teachers are certified to teach dual credit classes. Allowing students to earn a full freshman year of collage, while there still attending high school.
I have been going to New Plymouth for all my schooling and I couldn't be happier graduating from this school! The teacher's are understanding and are flexible with your schedule.
This school has been a complete turn over for me. I used to attend fruitland my whole life, but I was not mentally happy or stable there. I came here to new plymouth hoping to find a better education both socially and work ethically. This school is the best school I have attended, and have been given many opportunities to improve myself and to be a better part of the community. The teachers and administrators are on top of making sure you keep up with your grades, and they care about your health both physically and mentally. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is seeking a higher education.
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